Which could imply that we are going to see the utility phase. This first phase has been the mania/speculative phase. 25-30 different gambling sites have appeared on EOS these past weeks, using a simple DICE game as a way of mining tokens for early investors. You could have chosen between two tactics. One, which is the most risky – is to start mining the tokens right away. As the token profit/divs halve you stop mining and sell the early mined tokens once they are listed on Newdex. Then re-buy them once the price has dumped and stabilised. Another would be to not risk any EOS (relative non-risk compared to mining, as there is risk involved) and just purchase tokens once they are done dumping after listing.

This is a little bit in the past, and I don’t recommend doing this too much now unless you are experienced. Now the utility phase begins. This is the phase where we are weeding out the scams, bad projects and start looking for which one will launch products that will really attracts people to use their Dapps.

Gambling is huge, and DICE was a fun way to attract investors. Some of these sites have implemented blackjack as well as staking/dividends, and soon it will be Baccarat. However, Poker is going to be the big one. So what we are looking for are the platforms that are most likely to add poker, both heads up and tournaments. We are looking these sites as well as serious, friendly and honest admins in the Telegrams that front their product in a good way. We are also looking for the best dev teams and the highest dividend payouts.

I am not going to go into detail on each token yet, as I am still trying to position myself in the best ones. Hopefully I will be able to have my “verdict” out on Monday, but I still got questions to ask the devs and some research to do myself. But I am looking at Betdice, Pokerwin, EOSwin, EOS LuckyME, MyEosVegas, Endless DICE and a few others right now.

Just wanted to “notify” everyone with what I believe is the next step in EOS gaming/gambling. This is short term guys..and the first actual p2p poker games will be online within weeks possibly a few months. And this will KEEP people gambling and playing because it is FUN and addictive. By staking and getting dividends you own a small part of the casino.

Early next week I will try to have a conclusion. Not investing advice 🙂

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Disclaimer: This is not investing advice. I am not a professional. Just a regular guy talking about cryptocurrencies on the Internet. 

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  1. blackpanther

    Betdice is the one to beat as it updates with new features and innovations every week, pays dividends every hour, it’s fast, has autobetting feature. The other sites are just copying it. EOSbet started the whole EOS betting industry but never improved upon it’s success and hardly pays any dividends to it’s investors, it’s being nokia-ed by Betdice.
    Thanks for the article

  2. Ian Jeffreys @DNAian

    The team that brings out a PvP Poker will capture a big part of the market. I think that a fair PvP is difficult to implement as you have to get around player collusion. This has been a problem in traditional online gambling sites. The passive income from dividends are the best part of these dApps. I look forward to the next phase of these gambling dApps.

  3. Tony Lee

    Happy Hunting and look forward to your findings. P2P Pokers has many moving elements such as table collusion and complicated smart contract logic. As you say the first phase of the simple smart contract gaming is peaking. The challenge now begins to see who will be the first to market.

  4. Nicholas

    So much gambling… I dont like the gambling, i need trading card games 😀
    But the article is good 😉 And im pretty sure, next to the gaming industry, the gambling will be the other bigger factor in the mass adoption of cryptoverse.

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      Thanks man 🙂 Not a huge fan myself..but I realised I had to dive into this because things dont always happen in the order and magnitude we want them to. Gambling will be the first huge sector that will be revolutionized by crypto.