Today the extra 20 million pixEOS tokens allocated to the staking bonus will end. Originally these tokens were distributed as an extra bonus to pixEOS paint stakers; our way of saying thank you to everyone in the community for being patient and showing their understanding for the delays that occurred during our initial platform launch. We decided that we would reward everyone by distributing an additional 20 million pixEOS tokens per day for a fixed period of time on top of our 6 month long 10 million pixEOS per day we are already distributing according to our roadmap.

Effective February 17, 2019 we’ll resume the normal distribution bonus of 10 million pixEOS per day. This will continue until the end of the 6 months counting from the first day of staking.

We would like to thank everyone once again for showing such amazing energy and support for pixEOS paint. Without you we wouldn’t have such an amazing and vibrant canvas. The pixEOS paint dApp is just the first in many dApps, platform components, and games to come, and we have a great deal of exciting new additions in store. In the future we will adapt the tokeneconomic system to factor in proceeds from NFT auction sales, and expand our art collective’s capacity to create and thrive by offering a series of art digital goods to a collector community at large by utilizing functional tools built on the pixEOS platform.

For now, while the staking reward system is live, but it is still undergoing updates in the background. At this point it is not a fully automated process, and the manual nature of the dispersement has caused irregularities that many members of the community have mentioned. Currently the schedule for the staking distribution is take place during the evening/night, UTC time. In time we we’ll determine an automated schedule and publish it; we ask that everyone please stand by until then and rest assured you will be receiving your rewards.

As per request of many community members, we are also explaining where will the pixEOS staking rewards come from.

These will come from the following parts of the total supply, and in this order:

  • 437,258,650 from the remaining sale tokens
  • 392,741,350 from the staking rewards
  • 1,000,000,000 from the minting supply

Together these will make a total of 1,830,000,000 pixEOS tokens. The extra 30 million were already included in a part of the bonus distribution of 20 million pixEOS per day for the past 10 days.

As stated previously, the pixEOS paint canvases are only one of the ways of minting pixEOS tokens. The staking mechanism will be another way, and many more platforms will be launched that can also mint tokens, in the following months. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more announcements.

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