What makes Bitcoin worthy of it’s current price at $4400? How about EOS at $3.50? Brandon Smith just presented his weekly letter detailing his theory on how blockchain and crypto currencies such as Bitcoin are a government tool to issue in a new world currency (NWO). I’ve been reading Brandon for many years and have seen him make some very astute and accurate predictions. On the other hand he’s made flops too. But the reason I started reading him so many years ago was because here was a dude who’s big picture was similar to mine. That economic collapses are engineered by those that pull strings with the direct goal of transferring wealth from the general population to themselves. And acquiring assets for pennies on the dollar when there’s blood in the streets.

Conspiracy theory? Sure, you betcha. But unlike others this one will never be turned into conspiracy fact. 911 strikes, war or economic collapse work well to distract our vision. Their prize is too massive to risk losing it through clarity and visibility. So the transfer of hundreds of trillions of dollars of worldwide wealth will be masked by blood. Nothing new here, pick up some books that tell the real story, maybe start with ‘Creature from Jekyll Island’. That book and others helped me open my eyes in 2001 during the April market downturn when I was looking for answers. Not just answers, but the bigger picture of why. And how to survive financially. I saw precious metals as a viable alternative to a peaked stock market. Gold has a long history of being the place to park wealth when fear runs rampant. Is it any wonder that many central banks are doing just that now? Unfortunately I lost the little I was holding in a tragic boating accident. Damn shame really, it will be big.

Anyway, getting off topic here, let’s steer this boat back on course. Brandon’s argument is that bitcoin’s blockchain can be written by anyone with a high school diploma. And that the ‘But it’s anonymous’ argument has been proven false. He says digital transactions are ultimately traceable. OK, maybe. So my argument is, if that’s the case and digital transactions are traceable then why would Government use it for their currency? They would not want a record of all the dilution they manipulate into a fiat (unbacked by anything tangible) currency. Without the ‘perception’ of value, mandated or otherwise, a currency will fall out of favor. Brandon just shot down his own argument. On the other hand a currency such as ‘Initiative Q’ could very well have all the requirements of a NWO currency. No blockchain traceability. By the way- governments need an ever expanding currency in order to fund an ever expanding government. Otherwise they would be happy to stick with the fully backed and accountable gold standard.

Use case for EOS? In spite of what I’ve read about Dan Larimer’s stated goal of having EOS holder’s identity digitized, the platform appears viable. dApps are being built that work as designed. Airdrops are raining down, transaction times and scalability are cranking, ram fees are reasonable. Nuff said, it works.

Real money is made by identifying a major trend early and sticking with it to near the top. Precious metals bought in 2001 would today show a tidy gain. We’ve had a bit of a stumble over the past 6 years it’s true. But is the long term trend still in place? Definitely so. Eos bought at $.50 last year would also show a decent gain. Still early days and the crystal ball is a bit murky, but as for identifying an early trend? Is blockchain another Government plan for world domination, or is it a way to divert their agenda and decentralize everything? At this point I choose the latter. What am I missing?

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  1. Infosion

    You named the problems, so I don’t hope so, but I think most likely will be problems from the ones in charge at the financial world regarding “free” cryptos in the future. The ones who are in control won’t give up that easily their position and power related to it. But with that along come the people. It’s rather the acceptance and critical mass that has to be reached to understand the gains from it. If people not only get told but really see how they can benefit from paying less fees or whatever works better with decentraslisation THIS will help the most and slowly accelerate the process of people WANTING more decentralisation. And if they don’t get it they demand it or create it themselves. You could compare this to open source in a simple way I think. This concept of “if something isn’t that way the most users want it, they just change it” proved to be very succesfull over the last years…
    I’m also drifting away .. 🙂 Very very nice article! Got me obviously thinking a lot 😉

  2. SouthernCrossroads

    Nice article, but I would add Blacklisted by History, American Betrayal, and Disimformation to that reading list. It ties the banking and political history in to a nice bow with a hint to motive as well.

    I liked the piece and hope to see more from you soon.

    1. Smitty Post author

      Mr Suleiman, thank you very much for your comment! I have utmost respect for your, or any other person’s views. Different opinions is what makes the world go round. One person’s views do not hurt another person’s views. People can get all emotional over this aspect of communication but it’s really just different opinions!!! A wonderful thing! That said, in the article I was repeating what Brandon had written, although not verbatim. In the above comment I was just observing that I don’t see the perceived value that market places on BTC. I, myself, will withhold judgment until the dust settles.

      This is a very interesting period in Crypto land. The free market will decide which coins are worth keeping around. I liken it to the Dot com era where some survived, many others did not. Cheers mate!