For the past six months, I have been working on putting together a new VA album for my record label Alfheimr Records.
A couple of months ago; the 21st of September, the album was finally released on our Bandcamp page.

This is the Tracklist:
KattenmedHatten – Det var 2 viktige ting 09:39
Spirituz – Cambio de camino 07:23
Svajigt – Barely barley 09:23
KiΩhm – Ikke alle netter er like mørke 07:37
Sionnach – So Rude 09:44
Teorema & Malakia – Tropical vikings 07:14
GryYymt – Dirty spaceship 08:24
Sortna – Kinkwitch 09:11

The mastering of the tracks was done by Mark Smith aka Skyhighatrist.

As you might notice the 4th track on the VA is my own production. I worked quite hard on this track, I was blessed to have a brand new laptop and Ableton 10 to play around with. Let me know what you think about it in the comments!

My girlfriend Emilie aka Umulius created the cover-art for this release, I think she did a great job capturing a piece of Mabon in her art.

We celebrated the release of the album with hosting an underground release party in the forests of Oslo. We have been creating underground psychedelic gatherings in Norway for the past 5 years, including a festival with two musical stages and a full workshop schedule back in 2016!

I am including a few photos from the Mabon VA release event from September for you all to enjoy here: