Ideas are the source of every innovations, it is the starting point of civilization that has changed the world over and over again. As good as our ideas are, they stand to be meaningless when we don’t find expression in them.

Everyday, every hour, every minute, every second new ideas pop up in the mind of million of individuals in the world, but ideas in our head don’t influence our environment until it is expressed to battle a particular problem in the society.

Validating our ideas has been one of the most difficult part of expressing our inner genius. Talk of thousand of ideas that hasn’t gone beyond the mind of the one that wields it. One of the most potent idea killer has been the inability to process, and validate them.

What if you got help, what if a simple book can help you build your ideas and validate them, just let me introduce you to something that can be helpful for your idea and make your dreams a reality. FROM SIGNAL TO EVIDENCE written by Robbert Van Gelbrop is an Ebook for aspiring entrepreneurs who are at the brink of launching a business around an innovative idea and are about to sink their life savings, corporate careers and most importantly, their valuable time.

From Signal to Evidence is a great book for startups.

What you will learn

1. How to get practical on business modeling and lean startup

2. How to put your plans and strategy in action

3. How to create a pace and rhythm in your team

4. What options you have to get customer feedback quicker

5. How to build MVPs and experiments without code

Get the book here :

There’s nothing as fulfilling as having the ideas which are conceived deep within us become a reality, making real our dream is finding a perfect expression for them first in our lives then on our community….

Note: Our ideas are centered at solving a given problem on our society…

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