Aosta Valley, Italy, altitude 1700 meters, Valmeriana. 700 meters difference starting from Cloutraz. A cloudy day and the weather was expected worse, for the rest a panacea for the body. Six, the kilometres on foot for admiring a magnificent panorama. In comapany with my good friend and hiking partner called Berto we decided to challenge the weather and reach the Grinds at 1770 meters. Grinds that we would never have seen because of the snow almost half a meter high that hindered our path. 

Our boots were not enough, they could not be enough to climb the last 70 meters of altitude too sloping and too snowy to allow us to reach our goal. We did not expect all this icy water which, by the way, would almost certainly bury ours aspired Grinds. Before arriving at the plateau we stopped for lunch break near a private shelter, we found the door open and we went in to take a look, everything looks okay and clean inside, even a cake on a table wrapping, probably some naive felt cold and panic broke through the door in search of warm himself, at least so it crossed our mind. 

From the plateau a view to almost 360 ° on the Alps from which to make some shots, dark and mysterious. Objective then failed, but a lot of satisfaction and a beautiful happy day in which to saying crap one after the other, dear Grinds wait confidently, nothing is lost, sooner or later we will conquer you!

In this picture are the Western Alps, below you can see the village of Châtillon, below a series of shots of the same Alps, black and white, I find that is more suited to a cloudy landscape like the day of our excursion. Pictures in RAW format that I modified later by changing white balance, tone curve, contrast and brightness.

Western Alps in the distance


The Black Summit, a deserved name

To the right should see the Matterhorn but is covered by clouds

Mountains that overlook the forest

A cluster of tumultuous clouds

Beyond the woods the Pennine Alps

Same day, different scenarios, before you can reach their summits, you have to face a long walking inside the woods, in these you can lose yourself in a thousand of unique emotions, to taste it totally you must give them due respect and know how to contemplate in a right way that deserve it. Merging myself with nature and succeeding in being part of it, even if for a few moments, is the goal that I want to reach when I visit it. In doing so, I can meditate, contemplate and savor every perfume, sound and taste. Trees, creeks and dense vegetation accompany us humble audience on this enchanted journey.


Juniper tree

A bridge crosses a creek that descends among the trees surrounded by snow making its way through the rocks

A dense and thin blanket of spider webs on the undergrowth

The house of laborious ants

Water flowing gently accompanied by green and vanishing over dry vegetation

Fallen trees try to hinder the flow of the creek

A sunshine illuminates the creek in a dark part of woods

I’ve posted this picture and articles also on my Steemit blog, you can find them here & here.

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