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Welcome back guys I would like to continue with my trip to Venice at night!

Remember my stop in a great restaurant for a dinner based on fish where I could taste some very good typical dishes we decide to continue towards the splendid Piazza San Marco, now little time is left, about 20 minutes of road, we now start to feel the smell of the open sea between internal streets that open up to squares with historic churches … after this long walk we finally arrive in a place that I expected so far, completely different from the day, thousands of lights shed light on the most beautiful square of Italy in my opinion a bar with a harmonious background music thanks to violinists …

my photo 

I saw people lost in their imagination in all the positions possible to take ever more beautiful and fascinating photos of this magical Venice .. Unfortunately I also took a picture of the clock tower in Piazza San Marco but I lost it so I propose this because I want to tell you the story of this beautiful watch


This tower with a clock as you can see wonderful in every detail built of brothers Ranieri in 1493 think that after having made these 2 watchmakers, the best in that historical period were made blind to not be able to create others and in return they were served with the living room tower for the rest of their lives !!

After visiting Piazza San Marco we decide to go to the famous Casino of Venice thanks to the free shuttle that takes you directly to the entrance and spend time having fun and spend a little money and who knows how to win.

Then we head to the shuttle station and take the boat that takes us to the destination station Casino where I was lucky enough to be able to photograph the famous Rialto Bridge and pass under it instead of passing over it, a new emotion.

my photo

Along the way I could take other photos very beautiful seeing some people in a window that live in this beautiful and small world different from the usual where to move can use small and pretty boats, the most beautiful scene of a gentleman sitting in an armchair that he read his book and from the window he looked at the passing boat … a simple moment but it struck me very much ..

my photo
my photo

Now arrived at the casino I could not take pictures inside for privacy but I must tell you that it was really very luxurious, luck was not on our side but a good experience given my first time in a casino floating on the water .. .

This evening was different from the others a romantic evening in the night Venice .. an indelible memory that I will take with me ..

Thanks for the attention

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