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Since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to see the wonderful floating city..romantic in every hidden corner … a maze of streets between canals and small bridges … full of tourists and cameras that take thousands of photos per second …I was lucky enough to be able to visit at the age of 27, and now the distance between myself and one of the wonders of the world is only 25km thanks to my transfer … I have visited it in 3 years at least 7 times and still there things to see that I miss, like the Venice Carnival …

But a wish was born after having seen her by day … at night it would have been really fascinating and so I decided to go with my partner in a romantic getaway..I and you alone leaving us lulled by a boat between the waterways from Venice..

What to tell you? A marvel .. just arrived and presented itself as we got off the train station

my photo 

Visiting Venice at night makes a visit more intimate than the day … starting this walk through the small streets leading to Piazza San Marco, about 1 hour on foot, does nothing but increase the desire to get lost in the endless streets of this city.Hundreds of shops where you can buy souvenirs, masks, sweaters and hats in Venetian style .. courteous and available in any room … artists where they create every 100 meters a small group of tourists who applaud their arts … a walk that start with a smile and take it with you in these sea-scented streets …

my photo

And with this scent that after a while you open your stomach and asks you to savor fresh fish in a restaurant of traditional cuisine … the most curious thing about this city is that when it comes to high tide does not stop nobody, everyone continues to work as if everything was normal so that in restaurants even with high water people continue to eat and waiters continue to serve passing through the corridors of the restaurant flooded … beautiful .. luck that day high tide was not present … so now I leave you with this first part of my romantic escape in this dinner break … so, I try to remember the delicacies I ate while you leave the imagination of what I could choose on menu 🙂

To Be Continued…

featured image by pixabay

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