This is an update from previous post: Venturing and Investing into the World of TRON (

I received my massive BTT tokens Airdrop from holding TRX tokens.

What’s behind TRON’s six year airdrop plan to distribute 100 billion BTT tokens?

Time will tell whether Justin Sun’s candy giveaway will give him the sweet taste of success or lead to bitter failure.

My investment in BTT doubled with Early Investor Purchases. My Airdropped BTT is Seeded with Tron Torrent Farm:

For example, TRON Peer-torrent Farming Cycle with 10000 BTT Tokens = 142 Seeds. The TRON Torrent Farm Automated Market become a Buy/Sell Torrent Peers (BTT-Seed-BTT).

I am invested in the TRON Torrent Farm for Torrent Peers Seeding.

TRONBet (ANTE) has an update:

Besides the Mining for ANTE tokens, Playing with ANTE tokens, and Freezing of ANTE Tokens for ANTE Dividends Pool for TRX payouts, TRONBet announced that from Feb 19th, First Dividend of BTT payout. Freezing of ANTE at ANTE Dividends Pool gives me the best of both TRX and BTT.

I reinvest my TRX payout for future Airdrops or purchase with TRX/ANTE for ANTE at Exchange. I reinvest my BTT payout for TRON Torrent Farm.

Thank you for comments and responses of interest to previous post

TRON is doing better. Now more people are attracted to TRON.

“I would say that TRON has a strong marketing and media appeal from its founder Justin Sun (leadership and visionary).” Indeed, there is a strong communication from the TRON Community on their response to make BTT as TRON blockchain platform as the leading decentralized entertainment content sharing (“Tokenizing the world’s largest decentralized file-sharing protocol with BTT.”)

It is said TRON makes the copy from EOS 

“If TRON can do greater and better DApps, then EOS will have face to the challenge.” I believe EOS must have a stronger marketing and media appeal to communicate to new DApps Developers, future Users and Investors.

As an investor, I still believe that TRON is indeed one of the killer DApps of 2019 ( and TRON Coin has a huge opportunity in 2019 (

Let me know if you are interested into the World of TRON and BTT. (Note: The information and sharing of the post does not constitute to any financial investment advisory.)

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    1. Nova Koh Edwin Post author

      Thank you Mark, I have followed you on the Telegram, and Congrats you are a Contest Winner

      May you have a prosperous 2019. I, being a Chinese, and we are having a 15-day Chinese Lunar New Year celebration which ends on Feb 19. Yes, that is also the date if you should freeze your ANTE at TRONbet, you also have both dividends of TRX and BTT payouts.

    1. Nova Koh Edwin Post author

      BEWARE: Each Farming transaction costs 1-3 TRX to BUY/SELL because of the need to requiring permission for Contract Address requiring Energy + Bandwidth, which requires the burning of TRX from your TRON account @ TronLink.

      Another idle gaming Production:
      Here you can buy units that produce Goo.
      Goo itself cannot be bought or sold but Goo production is rewarded with TRX.
      For more information on rewards, check out the Tutorial modal.

      There are both Goo and TRX based units, each with three types of upgrades.
      Base Production increases the base rate of Goo per second for a unit.
      Percentage Production increases the production multiplier for a unit.
      Maximum Units increases the number you can own.

      The formula for Goo production with upgrades is:
      (Base Production + Base Upgrades) x (100% + Percentage Upgrades)

      ADVISORY: Regular checking on your updates on the your TRON account @ TronLink is necessary. You will be surprised by the extreme “burning” of TRX if you begin to engage with intense activity on certain Tron Sites.

      CAUTIONARY: Regarding Tron Bandwidth vs. Energy: (

      * Bandwidth is to send TRX; you can freeze bandwidth to gain more energy
      * Energy is used when running a smart contracts.
      * If you run out of energy you will pay a few in TRX which will be burned! (approx. 1.3 TRX)
      * A TRC10 transfer consumes bandwidth.
      ️* A TRC20 (smart contract compatible token) transfer consumes both bandwidth and energy.

      (Note: The information and sharing of the post does not constitute to any financial investment advisory.)