How I started in TRON:
Step 1: Buy BTC
Step 2: Register Binance Account
Step 3: KYC
Step 4: Transfer BTC to Binance
Step 5: Purchase TRX

I like the competitive price of TRX.


I need to register a Tron Wallet, Tronlink ( I withdrew my TRX from  Binance and transfer to my Tronlink.


I must keep in mind that when you are doing trading on Tron Blockchain, you need Energy and Bandwidth in your wallet. You have to freeze some Trons as per you transaction need. Also note that you have to freeze different amount for Bandwidth and different amount for Energy. So I freeze my TRX for both Energy and Bandwidth.

There are 2 types of Tron Tokens:

For more information:

I need a Tron Trading Exchange, and found

I am interested to invest in BTT (Bitorrent)  .

I purchased my BitTorrents as TRC-10 Tokens. What’s the difference with TRC-20 Tokens?

TRC-10 Tokens come as integers in units,  while TRC-20 Tokens come as decimals with contract address. Resources are needed more for TRC-20 Tokens (Energy and Bandwidth).

I am interested in TRONbet or ANTE which are TRC-20 Tokens ( and I  am interested in staking and dividends in TRONbet (

I login in Scatter with Tron Account

I found out about ANTE:

I purchased my ANTE as TRC-20 Tokens from the exchange.

I ran out of TRON Power (TP) because you need energy for smart contracts . TRON PowerTRX can be frozen to gain TRON Power and enable additional features. For example, with TRON Power you can vote for Super Representatives. You can gain bandwdith or energy as well. Frozen tokens are “locked” for a period of 3 days. During this period the frozen TRX cannot be traded. After this period you can unfreeze the TRX and trade the tokens.

I registered at ROV-TRX vs MEV (EOS) with interest before my venture into the World of TRON:

I found out more about TRON and its development

Definitely a challenge to EOS

As an investor, TRON is indeed one of the killer DApps of 2019 ( and TRON Coin has a huge opportunity in 2019 (

Let me know if you are interested into the World of TRON.

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    1. Nova Koh Edwin Post author

      I would say that TRON has a strong marketing and media appeal from its founder Justin Sun (leadership and visionary).

      TRON has adopted a lower entry and learning cost for DApps developers as compared t0 Bitcoin, ETH, EOS and NEO.

      I must admit that EOS did not appeal so much to the entry for new investors – the competitive pricing factor and the cost of even to register for a new account must factor the purchase of CPU and RAM. TRON simply ask investor to Freeze (stack) for their Energy and Bandwidth for trading and transaction. Of course, Unfreeze takes 72 Hours.

      Everyone looks for alternative investment (HODL and MOON) in the unusual lengthy bear market, and TRON has the attractive price appeal in the dividends in the staking for passive incomes (daily) and the monthly airdrops for years to assure loyalty program for investors. Of course, TRON can be priced higher, to generate compound interest investment opportunity.

      Yes, I made double and more in my investment in BTT within 72 Hours, and I have the assurance of early investors loyalty with Dividends by Stalking and Monthly Airdrops (11th day of the Month) for years. BTT as TRC-10 means the development level and cost is affordable. But, if BTT needs to upgrade to TRC-20, the resources to support such as having Contract Address with higher Energy and Bandwidth for transaction, so BTT has to transform to include Energy and Speed model which was announced for Q2 of 2019. This further attracts future investors who miss the boat to look forward having to pay more. This is like future generation Trybe comes with CPU, RAM and SEED which can be “bancored” as SEED/EOS. I believe Trybe has similar model drafted in its Whitepaper Updates to have Secondary Coins distributed in the future.

    1. Nova Koh Edwin Post author

      Thank you for all your comments.

      What matters the most are Dividends and User growth. These are not just the main variables. Combine that with burning and the token price will go up.

      The generation of future eCoin, for example TrybeSEED, I can reinvest without dumping TRYBE in the Exchanges:

      TrybeSEED/EOS >> EOS(BAN)>>ETH(BAN)>>TRX(BAN) – future pipeline. Note BAN is Bancor Network. Recently I also ventured and invested in HOT ETH DApps.

      I wish Tom Norwood (Trybe Founder and CEO) and the dedicated Trybe Team to continue to lead us as Trybe Community with success 🙂

  1. Nurdinnakaturi

    nice post, lady, thank you for sharing with us
    TRON is doing better. Now more people are attracted to TRON. It is said TRON makes the copy from EOS. What do you think, @edwin?
    Greetings from you, I hope you are successful in this matter, thank you friend

    1. Nova Koh Edwin Post author

      According to the TRON’s latest White Paper: Advanced Decentralized Blockchain Platform (, thing are going to change with allegation of copy/paste or plagiarism of coding. (

      What I like about TRON DApp development is TRC-10 and TRX-20 Tokens. In the TRON network, every account is capable of issuing tokens at the expense of 1024 TRX. Investors can participate with the 1 Unit of TRX. For TRC-10, DApp can be offered as low as 0.001 TRX vs TRC-20 can be as high as 1000 TRX. It is these TRON Seed Germination (Incubator) programs which drive many DApps to be delivered.

      “It is said TRON makes the copy from EOS.”, if TRON can do greater and better DApps, then EOS will have face to the challenge.

      Thank you for your comments.

  2. Nova Koh Edwin Post author

    Thank you all for the kind comments, and I would like to end this post with a review on the current state of ETH dKiller dApps:
    I must agree that with the writer:
    “The bigger picture
    Technical issues aside, the dapp market has mostly become a playground for hopeful cryptocurrency believers who are now stuck gambling their coins away. But hey, at least someone is using blockchain in the real world, right?
    Indeed, researchers found that 70 percent of all EOS dapp traffic comes from gambling services; the number was even higher for TRON, which gets 95 percent of its activity from gambling dapps.
    In the meantime, struggling corporations and fake prophets in suits continue to sell their utopian visions of how blockchain can fix everything.
    What a shame.”

    My investments in the World of TRON are gambling DApp (TRONbet) and infrastructure BTT which is promised to be TRON blockchain platform as the leading decentralized entertainment content sharing (“Tokenizing the world’s largest decentralized file-sharing protocol with BTT.”)

    The information and sharing of the post does not constitute to any financial investment advisory.

    I wish all well in 2019.

  3. Nova Koh Edwin Post author

    Another update with TRONBet or ANTE, staking (freezing) of ANTE yields not only TRX dividend payout, in the next coming weeks, BTT can be used as token for betting as well as BTT dividends payout. TRONBet or ANTE has shot up by 30%-50% upon announcement.

  4. James Diegel

    Hi Nova- congrats on your placing in the TRYBE TRON contest. There are some tokens coming your way, but in order to do that some information is needed. If you can reach out and send a dm to Jimmy D in the telegram channel ( If not, maybe check the chats and send me a dm through there on the TRYBE site. Job well done, and hope to hear from you soon 😉