How will you like to be part of a blockchain project that will profer solution to the harm done to the ozone layer, preserve the environment while Bitcoin is being mined?

The importance of bitcoin mining can not be over emphasized, the process is used to verify transactions, compile them into blocks, tie one block to the previous blocks, hash it and solve mathematical problems.

Bitcoin mining is becoming a more popular means of earning Bitcoin as more people are being engaged in it. Mining has become competitive over the years and for one to successfully mine bitcoin, steady electricity and huge energy power is involved, that is why most people believe that Bitcoin price is also influenced by electric energy price.

As we all know, burning fuels, household waste and coals which are the major process of generating energy is a big threat to the environment and emitts more dangerous gasses to the green house.

The concern for our environment and the need to keep mining Bitcoin gave rise to VENUS ENERGY.

The VENUS ENERGY team have found a solution through the use of renewable energy to generate energy and perform consensus algorithms computations. The plan is to focus on wind and solar as a source of energy.

Wind energy is one of the least energy that harms the environment , it is environmentally friendly and requires low operating cost. Energy is generated by the power of air flow .

Solar energy is a radiant heat and light from the sun. Light is converted directly to electricity by solar cells. It also has low operating cost and is a renewable source of energy.

The goal intended can not be achieved by the VENUS ENERGY team only, the society of blockchain users have to work in hand. Google saw the importance and have put in effort to use 100% renewable energy, Bitcoin global payment should be able to adopt this pattern too.

You must be wondering how the VENUS ENERGY team hope to connect the use of renewable energy to Bitcoin mining.

Through initial coin offering, the team hopes to raise funds that will be allocated to research on how to increase the efficiency of plants capable of generating electricity from renewable energy source, creation of energy by mounting solar collectors and wind power plants to generate energy to be provided to people enganged in blockchain mining.

The VENUS ENERGY token holders will have the benefit of buying mining power in VENUS ENERGY platform, cheaper than purchasing in other currencies with 20 to 30 percent discount, receive mining platform capacities and make profit from the rise and fall in price of the VENUS ENERGY token. The individual miner will be able to mine up to 24 coins as base and new coins can be added or removed based on the demand of the users.

The strength of VENUS ENERGY includes

1. Little or no competition

2. Excellent score on ico review sites

3. Sustainability and provision of renewable energy.

4. Secured and easy transaction process.

5. Active community.

6. Environmental benefits.

7. Multiple partnership.

8. Discount in energy provision.

VENUS ENERGY Token ticker is VENUS, it will be built on the Ethereum blockchain, token nature is utility token and code language is pragma solidity. The total supply for VENUS TOKEN is 80 billion with 20 percent for sale.

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