Thanks to being able to be a self-employed worker, sometimes I have a lot of free time that I normally fill with the topics of crypto-currencies or, simply, learning something new that can be useful to me, especially in what I do as a job that is, essentially, make videos. And one of the things that I’ve been practicing for some time has been filming with drones.

Personally I have a drone, his name is “Blackie” and it’s a DJI Mavic Air.

I have had several drones for about 3 years now but I had never had one that had the flying and shooting capabilities as impressive as this DJI Mavic Air. The possibility of filming videos at 4K resolution and 100 MBpS in addition to doing it with an impressive stability in the air is something that attracts the attention of such a small device.

And although the second version of the older brother, the DJI Mavic Pro II, has already come out, to those interested in a practical drone to carry around (the legs can be folded and can fit in a coat pocket ) and with very good filming capabilities, here I leave the introductory video of the company DJI for the Mavic Air.

Well, to practice filming with this drone, I went around some Berlin parks and filmed them and then made small videos with the captured images. It’s a bit like small demos of what I can do with the drone and apart, I take the opportunity to show some of the parks in the city where I live. Not all are well known.

The videos that I want to show are 4.

The first one I filmed in the Memorial to the anti-fascist Polish and German soldiers. More information about the park can be read on Wikipedia.

The second I filmed in the park Ernst Thaelmann. More information about the park in Wikipedia.

The third video I filmed in the Russian War Memorial in Treptower Park. You can learn more about the park in Wikipedia.

The fourth and last video was the first of all and I filmed it in the Volskpark Friedrichschain. You can read more information about the park on Wikipedia.

It is really impressive to the point that technology has arrived in which, simple users like me, can have devices so advanced in every way that they allow us to capture spectacular and impressive videos. While watching these videos you should also remember that they were made by one person and no one else. There is not a big team or anything like that behind these videos, only one person … and that’s the most impressive thing about the subject, the possibility of that happening already exists.

I hope you liked the videos and I am eager to read your comments on them.

Do some of you also have a drone?

What has been your experience so far?

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    1. Juanmi the Robot Post author

      Thanks CryptosDecripted! Yes, is exactly like a whole film crew. incredible!

      And about what you ask, the flight time is approximately 15-17 minutes and the shooting time capacity depends on the SD card that you put to the drone. But it’s usually enough if, for example, you use a 32 Gb SD for 3 flight batteries … I have 3 batteries and a 32 Gb SD 😉