What if Visa Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and many other crypto are among the payment options? You can say, “it’s impossible, it’s never possible.” But the Visa CEO has different opinions.

Visa Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple…

Al Kelly, CEO of Anna, one of the Giants of the traditional financial sector, made surprising statements to Jim Cramer, former hedge fund manager. CNBC’s Mad Money Program came together to talk about the future of the binary Krypto money. It was surprising that Al Kelly said that crypto money could be used as a means of payment.

“Do you see the rise of crypto money as a rebellion against visa’s hegemony in the financial world?”:

“It is obvious that there is no possibility that this will happen in the short and medium term. But you have to give it credit that the Krypto money is on its way to becoming a payment instrument rather than an commodity or product. The market needs to mature a bit more so that people can feel as safe as normal money when using crypto currencies.”

The words that the Visa CEO continued to make a skeptical impression on the general Manda changed the mood.

“If Krypto entities prove themselves, that is, if they succeed, we can open a window to them as a visa. As a multinational company, we have a primary goal of maintaining our presence in the world’s dominant financial environment. However, as long as the Krypto monies are not used in the market, they will remain an commodity in visa’s eyes.”

He ended his promises of flexibility that would not be expected from the CEO of a company from the traditional financial industry, such as Visa.:

“I repeat. If we need to get into that area, we’il get in. But at the moment, the overview of crypto money is no different from a commodity.”

Visa Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and many more crypto have said that money should only be matured for use in their own networks. Of course, this is a revolutionary point of view. The Giants of the financial sector will have to open their doors when these crypto monies are operational with the contributions of intermediary projects such as PundiX. Then the cards that support fiat currencies such as Visa, MasterCard, and each wallet will support crypto currencies. We look forward to those days coming.

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