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In Rome, we stayed in Roma Pisana Hotel, and the next day we would be leaving to visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The spring air in Europe is quite cold for us Indonesians, fortunately our room is equipped with room temperature regulators. We could set it at warm temperature. So that, we could sleep well and woke up early in the morning and prepared everything before leaving for Pisa.

Honestly, I was quite curious about the weather outside, how cold it was. I went to the window and opened it slowly, soon after the window opened, the cold air struck my face and hands immediately . It was very cold, I estimated it was around 8-10oC. However, I kept the window open for a while, so I could be breathing the morning air in Rome. I just fallen in love with Rome and I intended to return to Rome someday, especially the day before, I have been succeeded to throw a coin into Trevi Fountain.

That day would be sunny day, since I saw an orange tinge adorning the sky which slowly reveals its blue colour. Sky blue in Europe really makes us feel calm, the blue is seen in the vast expanse of the sky, rarely seen a cloud. It was very clear, as if no air pollution at all.

After breakfast, we prepared to leave for Pisa, a small town outside Rome which is famous for the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Our driver, Mihai, a Romanian handsome guy was ready to take us with his very comfortable bus. The bus has 46 seats, and sure it is very spacious to carry 30 people of our group.

The trip to Pisa went smoothly with several stops at the gas station. On mainland of Europe, the tour bus will stop at the gas station every two hours, here we will take a break, usually for 15 minutes to 1 hour. At this gas station, the most important thing we do is go to the toilet, because according to our tour leader there is no place to stop anymore, and toilets are free. Another important thing we can do there is to buy some food or drinks at the mini market. We can also access internet freely.

After a quiet long journey, finally we arrived in Pisa. We went down in a large parking lot, there were already a number of parked tourist buses. A sign that many visitors have already been here to visit magical leaning tower.

Then we walked for about 10 minutes to arrive at the Pisa Tower. We were very enthusiastic about arriving at the tower, which in Italian was called Torre di Pisa. We wanted to arrive there quickly and witnessed firsthand one of the wonders of the world, with our own eyes. And you know, looking at the ancient buildings that tilt up to 5 meters directly is certainly very amazing experience.

Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of UNESCO World Heritage site. It is located in the Campo dei Miracoli complex or Square of Miracle, behind the cathedral. That morning, the wind blew hard, making the air even colder, even though the weather was quite bright. We continued walking, but the Pisa tower was not visible, I suspected because along this road there are tall buildings, blocking the tower which is only 56 meters high, so it is not visible from afar.

The distance to the square was getting closer. Near the entrance, I saw there are dozens of kiosks, souvenirs shops restaurants and cafes. The stalls are neatly arranged, with elegant and special nuances. We continued walking along the street, and we enjoyed any moment we found around there.

Once almost at the main entrance to the square, a merchant exclaimed, “Ayo pak beli beli. Mura mura. Tiga sapuluh, tiga sapuluh” while showing us the merchandises they were selling. I was big surprised. He spoke Bahasa, he said “Come in sir. Just buy them. They are very cheap. Very cheap”. Apparently he knew that we are from Indonesia or maybe Malaysian, by seeing our stature. I thought they have learned our language, as a marketing strategy to attract us to buy them (souvenirs), and we feel like at home.

I just smiled at him and said “Terima kasih [thank you]” because it was not the time to shopping, we wanted to enter the square complex immediately, and looked closely at the leaning tower of Pisa. We walked a little longer, turned left, there was a square gate, we continued walking and step in, and … we were astonished! A wide green field appears, the Pisa tower lean to the right (to the south), right behind the magnificent ancient cathedral.

I guessed that may be thousands of people have been inside this complex, they come from various nations in the world. But most of them are ‘white people’. Some of them were lying on the grass on the cathedral’s courtyard, let their bodies be blazed with bright sunny morning sunshine.

I enjoyed the scenery so much. I stood very close to the tower which was built in 1173, only completed 200 years later, after going through various challenges of nature and war. The tower began to sink after the third floor was completed because the building foundation was on unstable soil. Then the construction was stopped, resumed hundreds of years later, until finally the seventh floor was completed in 1319.

This historical building of the Middle Ages has become one of the main attractions of Italian tourism. Thus the local government doing their best to keep this tower strong, by inviting various experts to defend this ancient building not to collapse.

And I believe that the Italian government is very worried as well if something happened to this tower, because it can affect the tourism sector of the country. Frankly, I was very fortunate to have been looking at this tower very closely. Even I have stood behind its enchanting shadow to avoid the sun’s rays.

Warm regard, @razackpulo

FYI, This my original article in English. And I have already been published it in Bahasa in my Steemit Acoount, @razack-pulo.

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