In my last article I posted about nutrients and vitality, two more ways to boost vitality include breathing and natural elements. These three aspects of life combine together to greatly direct the way we go about feeling in our daily life.


Is our subconscious breath just as important as nutrient uptake? Yes it is. How exactly should we breathe? If the thought ends at deep and often, it is an over-simplification. Breathing is subconscious, which means we should consciously connect and communicate goals to create new outcomes. Vital breath helps create ease and wellbeing. How then should we breathe?

With particular speed, depth, location and pauses.

Kinesthetic Intelligence

The condition of our bodies corresponds with our breathing. Physical ailments during medical emergencies and sickness display shallow, irregular, and challenged breath. Bodily state, posture, and nonverbal communication play an impact on breath. These affect our subconscious breathing, helping or hindering our vitality based on the vibrational frequency they cause in our breath. Studying to observe good kinesthetic practices in these fields can produce positive breathing habits that will increase feelings of well being and ease.


State of Being

The state of our being affects breath. Anger, sadness, apathy, and fear have observable breathing patterns. Anger is rapid, fear and panic is shallow and chest oriented. These patterns can be seen to match moods, just as face expressions. Inversely, following a particular pattern of breathing leads to the corresponding state of being. If you breathe in the patterns of anxiety, you will develop anxiety. Breathe like love, feel love. Breathing influences corresponding thoughts, memories, emotions, feelings, and desires. These internal factors also affect our breathing. Intentionally matching breathing habits of positive internal states will self reciprocate those moods and generate positive results in the way we feel, think, and act. For instance, sigh to expel lower vibrational states. Slow belly breaths to calm. Deep breath for confidence. Slow, deep, relaxed, through the nose, at regular intervals for joy.

One practice for guiding intentional moods is creating breathing mantras. This can happen by timing your breath to your heartbeat. Learn to listen for it, hear it, and breathe love into it. Draw air in for three beats and out for three beats on a word like love. By doing a procedure such as this one can greatly influence their emotional state and draw in revitalizing energy.

Another helpful practice for guiding positive breathing patterns is making affirmations to instill reinforcement of good breathing. When consciously matching our breathing to higher vibrational internal states, self-affirming can effectively communicate with our subconscious to connect pathways to those vital breath patterns. Study the breathing patterns of love, peace, hope, magnanimity, happiness, appreciation, generosity, and willpower and form affirmations to achieve them quicker and easier in the future. This can be done as simple as working to achieve an emotional state and when arriving making a corresponding affirmation. Such as, I feel happy because I see so much beauty, goodness, and truth around me. Beware of consciously affirming negative moods and justifying them, they associate with unhealthy breathing.


Vital Elements

The natural world of energy surrounding us is in fact lifegiving, and we have much to gain from getting outside and participating in its creative elements. There are health consequences if we choose not to. The elements contain vitality. They are earth, fire, water, air.


The earth has electrical potential. Walking barefoot on it transfers free negatively charged electrons into you. They find free radicals, add the missing electron, and neutralize harm. The earth is antioxidizing, deflammatory, improves sleep, emotions, and pain. Stand barefoot, touch, and sit on the earth.


A lack of sunlight can cause alzeheimer’s, early dementia, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, lower back pain, arthritis, altheroscloriosis, and depression. Sunlight balances the hormones melatonin, cortisol, and the endocrine system. This affects sleep, energy, metabolism, and adrenals. Sunlight provides vitamin D, which fights cancer in higher doses. The amount needed for cancer reduction is 2,000 – 5,000 IU. Typical diets will not usually provide more than 300 IU. One hour in the sun can provide about 1200 IU of Vitamin D off of just hands, arms and face. Sunscreen blocks Vitamin D absorption and is usually slightly toxic. Fair skin having less melanin, uptakes vitamin D quicker. Vitamin D regulates calcium absorption, and supports digestion, cardiovascular health, insulin, blood sugar, nervous system, immune system, mood, endocrine and pain reduction.


Sea water is full of salts, iodine, amino acids, magnesium, and trace minerals. It resembles the composition of blood plasma. Natural waters are often rich in enzymes, minerals, and beneficial microbiology. Swimming in water unaffected by pollution boosts the immune system. Close proximity to natural water, and gazing at aquatic environments can improve heart rate, lower blood pressure and release endorphins, bringing satisfaction, happiness, calmness, soothing, and relaxation. Natural water fights stress and depression atrophy in the brain, producing the perfect climate for birthing new brain cells, hippocampal neurogenesis.


Indoor air is mostly stale. Predominantly breathing this can cause lung problems, anxiety, irritability, depression, exhaustion, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, nausea, colds, and fevers. Fresh air increases our serotonin production, leading to more happiness. It detoxifies the lungs of airborne toxins, and boosts the immune system providing white blood cells oxygen. Fresh air boosts mental clarity and better thinking, it improves digestion, blood pressure, brightens the color of our blood, improving circulation, fights cancer, and assists elasticity of arteries. The best fresh air is found away from pollution in forests, gardens, mountains, and seashores.

I’ve found a good way to boost the air indoors. Diffuse trace minerals with essential oil! The air in the room should feel revitalizing, nutrient dense, tropical, or coastal. People who live on the coast generally are healthier because of the minerals boosted into the air. I mix in about 12 minerals and the air tremendously enhances.



Our physical health intimately connects with breathing and natural elements. These two components of life drastically impact our stamina, endurance, energy and vitality containing the ability to provide or detract life. There are amazing opportunities available to us both inside and surrounding us at all times. If consciously applied to boosting vitality in these ways we remove the excuse to ever become bored with nothing to do. There is always some beneficial internal work available to us irrespective of our environment and we additionally gain a new external responsibility to get out and participate in our environment. This is a new excuse to nature binge at the very minimum.

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