The “go” vote for Telos launch has finally occurred today (December 8, 2018).   The process has now started to launch the Telos blockchain.  In the video below we discuss the launch and dig further into what happens now.

To read the Telos official release visit

The first part of the Telos release says,

The Telos Foundation announced today that the grassroots group of over 120 volunteers, known as the Telos Launch Group (TLG), who have been building the Telos Blockchain Network since July 12, 2018, have voted unanimously to begin the process of launching the Telos Network on Saturday, December 8, 2018 at UTC 17:26. The Telos Launch Team will initiate the launch sequence once its internal work tracking system accounting 48–72 hours after the vote. This occurred after reaching a consensus that the official Telos Launch Checklist was complete. The checklist documented objectives established by the community of volunteers and designated as required prior to launching.

One of the six Appointed Block Producers will be selected to launch the network and as part of the launch a planned pause of 24-74 hours will take place to allow for independent verification of account information.

Soon we will all be able to review our Telos accounts, vote for BPs, and interact with the chain.

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