So it’s a much needed lie in on a Sunday morning, the first time my body has allowed me to in a long time. I lazily reach over to my phone and I forgot I logged in to Facebook – drat, notifications all over the place. But there was one which informed me that there was an “event happening nearby” at 11am this morning.

Normally, these types of notifications tell me there’s an event within a 30 mile radius (including London) so I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was actually a walking group called the “Chiltern Walkers” inviting me to a walk that starts less than half a mile from where I live – good lord! So let’s get to it… after getting changed, breakfast and taking my trusty water bottle with me!

King’s Wood, Penn

Once I met up with the group, we made our way in to King’s Wood and it wasn’t too long until we were presented with a pretty awesome woodland view, looking down towards Micklefield – you can see the wintry scenes starting to set in and the wind was a tad on the chilly side.

View from King’s Wood looking down to Micklefield

Cock Lane Fields

From Kingswood, we followed the public footpath signs that took us across a notorious single track road called “Cock Lane” (so called potentially because of shouting out the names during road rage when you see a less road-savvy driver)!

I’ve lived in Penn for most of my life but there are still places I am encountering for the first time and, after a gradual climb, you get to this pretty awesome view from the fields overlooking the notorious Cock Lane.

View of the Cock Lane Fields

Hammersley Lane to Beacon Hill

Now we have made it past the notorious Cock Lane, the footpath to Beacon Hill continues beyond the fields to another nasty piece of tarmac called “Hammersley Lane” – more so because there aren’t any pavements, the road surface is atrocious (cheers for my punctured tyres from the pot holes here Wycombe Council!) and drivers still think 30mph is a typo for 80 mph!

Anyway, if you survive it past here, you can then let one of the local Wycombe councillors know your thoughts (both on the village and the condition of Hammersley Lane) as he lives in a house backing these fields – where you will be greeted by some if his bodyguards as well, although they may be feeling sheepish…

Sheepish bodyguards of a local councillor on the way to Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill to Penn Estate to Home

I’m not going to give you another rendition of this section of the walk as I talked about it in a previous Steemit blog but safe to say, it’s still an awesome walk and enjoyed sharing it with the walking group!

Actifit-Fitbit Integration

I reached out to the Actifit team on Steemit as they mentioned in a recent post that they are doing a beta test to link Fitbit with Actifit. For those who are a bit more outdoorsy, active, have a Steemit account and want to earn some steem in the process, it’s worth downloading the Actifit app – all you need is your private posting key to log in and away you go. Would be awesome if Trybe developers look in to something like this as well or even reach out to Actifit to see if there could be integration on Trybe 🙂

But anyway, all I needed to do was track my walk with the Fitbit app, then open the beta version of Actifit (which is not the same as the current app, it’s only done by invite at the moment), tap “Post to Steem” then select “Fitbit Sync” and take it from there.

Catch you all soon!


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