Wallem is an app for catch tokens and cryptos in the real world in style of pokemon-go.

Now the app isn’t available for all, but is possible try it in the event organized by wallem. Only 100 tester for every event are allowed.

Past events:

Lugano | $30k, Lugano | $30k, London | $43k, Singapore | $30k. Seoul | $30k.

Next events:

Ibiza | $50k in 10-11 September, Milan | $40k in October.

For partecipate go to https://www.wallem.io/beta-program/ and submit your request, if you are accepted you will receive an email such as:

Beta app for all are during october 2018.

During the previous stages, Wallem has already distributed a total of $133,000, during the events in Seoul, Singapore, Lugano and London.

Words of wallem CEO:

“We are in the alpha test phase and we are participating in more and more events. We do this to let people use the app and get valuable feedback from everyone on what to improve and empower in the gaming experience. Wallem isn’t just an app for playing and earning tokens or cryptos. It can be a powerful tool for marketing and making ICO projects known. We see it as a more fun and interactive way to do airdrops, especially at a time when the advertising possibilities for token sales are more limited.”


Wallem offers possibility to catch crypto and token scattered around your city in augmented reality via your mobile phone. 

You can play against rival players from your neighborhood and city. You can play alone or as part of your very own gang, competing and battling for cryptocurrency and control of your territory.

The snatch function gives you the chance of take tokens from other players , up to the value of $50 each time. Target your victim, lock them in your in-app crosshairs and Snatch! Or play together with your own gang and carry out gang Snatch attacks on rival players.

You have two different wallets: 

The Open Wallet allows you to collect tokens immediately, but this wallet is open and the token can be snatched by a rival player that launches a Snatch attack on you from up to 10 metres away.

The Secure Wallet, after you accrue $50 or more, you can transfer your tokens to your Secure Wallet, where they are safe from rival players.

The radar function is very important because it shows you what type of tokens are in the surrounding area, how much they’re worth, rival players on the move, special battle items and much more. The radar can be upgrade during the game from 100 to 1000 meters.

For increase your chances of catch, snatch token and stay safe from rivals, there are a special items such as shield, shield breaker,attack elusion, invisibility, magnetic lazo, bomb that will help you in this.

The application looks very good, but I’ll talk about it in October when i try in Milan.

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