Dear Community, in this article I would like to tell you about my experiences with 2 different eos wallets.  I use an iOS device to be exactly the iPhone 6S.

Lynx wallet:

It can be downloaded as usual from the AppStore. The handling is simple and I could directly generate an eos account for a fee of 1,09 Euro.  In the beginning I was very enthusiastic about the wallet but there are some negative points.

– not all eos tokens are visible in the wallet. That means that I of my whole token only a few are listed in the wallet.

– the Dapps are very limited, there are not many in comparison to the wallet. But I will tell you more about this later.

Now I come to my biggest problem with this application. After I generated a second eos address and transferred several eos and tokens to the account, I suddenly couldn’t see the complete balance of my first account. I restarted and synchronized the app several times, unfortunately without success. Then I contacted the support which reacted really fast. I sent several screen videos and described the problem. The support staff member told me that he contacted the iOS programmer and is looking for the bug. That was already 2 weeks ago and I haven’t received a solution yet. Unfortunately I am not able to access my account with the Lynx wallet and send tokens. With the last updates nothing has improved. Too bad, because I was very convinced of this wallet at beginning.

Since I haven’t been able to access my eos account for weeks, I looked around for an alternative. Now we come to my favourite!

MEET.ONE wallet:

The download was also possible via the AppStore. I imported my two eos accounts, which I had generated with Lynx. It worked without any problems. The interface of the application is much clearer and better designed than the Lynx wallet. I can see all my tokens and it also shows the value in eos. It is even possible to trade on different exchanges. There is the possibility to stake cpu and buy ram.

The highlights:

– trading on different exchanges

– candies and airdrops direct to claim

– ram trading

– a variety of eos tools directly linked to the app

– more third-party tools available with good features.

– Access to Mining Tools

– KARMA stake can be managed

After testing both wallets I can say that is much more advanced and offers much more possibilities. Too bad, because Lynx was my first choice, let’s see if something will improve in the future and the competition between both applications will start again. Because currently it looks like that is unbeatable in the category wallet for eos.

Thank you for reason this article and I wish you good luck while testing the application

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    1. Grizzlonso Post author

      Dear Peter, Thank you for the comment. That’s right, you need the private key, but the features are amazing. Direct trading from the Iphone :-)))) I was looking for a trading app and I’m really satisfied 🙂 and I like the wallet overview!