There are now, new video games that allow you to win a crypto-asset named Golder (GLDR), an Ethereum based ERC-20 token. One game is named ‘War Field’ –a first person shooter game, and the other named ‘Dirt Field’ – a death racing game. Dirt Field is currently still in production. War Field’s first battleground is on a freighter ship with additional battlegrounds coming in the future like an Amusement Park, Area 51 and Pleasure Island. War Field was initially only web-based but is currently downloadable on MAC and PC and has aspirations of getting onto different gaming platforms like XBOX and PlayStation soon.

This is obviously a new concept that allows you to stake an explicit amount of cryptocurrency against other players in a very fast-paced skills-based video game. With the tokens, you can shop for specialized equipment like guns, gear and ammo – all to improve the play-abilities.

They are still currently in the token sale / airdrop part of their promotion, however, once that ends, the token will increase in liquidity by being placed and traded on exchanges. According to the website, at the time of writing, there have been almost 50K warfielders signed up on their interest list, with many more to come. Try your luck/skill and get that crypto! You can see this game on the website

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Ethan Wolfe

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