With a newly and not even a week old expansion for Warframe’s Fortuna, I had to get a bunch of screenshots and share it with others.

Fortuna is the open world aspect accessible from Venus like how the Plains of Eidolon expansion allowed the first open world gameplay for Warframe, accessible from Earth. These open worlds allow for more variety and excitement including bounties and missions, flying your arch-wing around the open world, fishing, mining, and much more.

With an expansion brought a variety of new weapons to gain along with the newest warframe, Garuda. Both expansions along with the base game are all free to play and download, with micro-transactions not being required (as you get things in game over time) but allowing the speed up of obtaining what you want. Now to share some of the beauty the new open world has, including the new cities vendors.

Rude Zuud – Kitguns

Smokefinger – Mining gear

Ticker – Free citizens from debt

There is now much more to do in game when you combine everything from the normal missions you do, survival runs for gear and relics, facing the Eidolons on earth which I am yet to finish the full fight yet (but got close!), and now to experience Fortuna and work towards awesome hoverboards (oh yeah, I cannot wait to try one out).

My first thoughts included “How damn long does this update take to download?! Then went to the awe-inspiring admiration of the beauty of the new world Vallis, the excitement to know I have more mining and fishing I can do, more missions, potentially getting new warframe pieces that are accessible again thanks to the update, and no doubt more that I haven’t experienced yet.

Go on and give it a try, find people to help you level and get into the game and enjoy one of my current favourites that is out.


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    1. James Chaffey Post author

      If you have a lot of things on, Warframe can take a heap of time out of your day as it is addictive. But once you have gotten more gear you can play for an hour a day and enjoy it. Thanks for your comment.