Even men of value die. That was the first thought I had in mind when I heard of Wayne Dyer’s death. But what men of value do is the fact that they put their lives in the service of a greater purpose than they are, continuing to live through what they have done, the lives they have reached and the people they inspired. image



Wayne Dyer is one of the people who changed my life through their work. I also remember the day that I first saw the movie The shift, a film that, if you let it touch the deepest areas in you, can change the way you relate to life, moment by moment. A moment of truth for me and my life. So I thought to pay tribute to Wayne Dyer, the man who changed lifes and will continue to do it even beyond death through his work. Below are some films with and about Wayne Dyer, one of those that made me particularly impressed.

 – The shift – a film with Wayne Dyer, about aligning with the supreme consciousness that can lead us to the destination of our soul when we are in harmony with it
My greatest teacher – Wayne Dyer’s gorgeous film about the power of authentic acceptance of the past and the transformative value it has in our lives
Perception of Things – Motivational discourse with Wayne Dyer, about different perspectives in the equation of relation to reality
How to get what you really want, really want – a movie about the law of attraction, from the point of view of Wayne Dyer
Your essence is a Spiritual Being – a movie in which Wayne Dyer tells about his childhood in the orphanage, a real lesson of life
Everyday wisdom – wonderful words, gorgeous music, much of every minute of this audiobook with the voice of Wayne Dyer
The Awakened Life – About Two Types of Reporting to Life: in a superficial way and in a deep way, in connection with who you really are

What kind of film or motivational speech with Wayne Dyer did you like the most?


Dr. Wayne W. Dyer (1940, Michigan-2015, Hawaii) was one of the most famous authors, psychologists and lecturers on personal development and spirituality, renowned throughout the world. Named the “parent of motivation” and also considered the initiator of the self-development or self-empowerment movement, Dyer has published 40 books, over half of which reached the top of the prestigious New York Times. His debut book, Your Erroneous Zones, published in the US in 1976, has been on the New York Times bestseller for almost a year and has so far sold over 35 million copies. Among his most famous works are Wishes Fulfilled, 101 Ways to Transform Your Life – both appeared in audiobook format at Act and Politon Publishing House, Everyday Wisdom Daily Wisdom), The Power of Intent. Dyer’s audio and video materials designed by Dyer for his audience are also highly valued. His articles have appeared in renowned publications, including Time, Reader’s Digest and Harper’s Bazaar. He has had thousands of appearances in popular radio and television programs, including The Today Show, The Tonight Show and Oprah. In 1987, he was awarded the Golden Gavel Award for Best Motivational Speaker. In the late part of his life, when he did not travel to support his motivational message at his conferences, Dyer spent his time writing at his Maui residence in Hawaii.

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