This world’s anguish is no different from the love we insist on holding back.” – Aberjhani

Owe no man any thing, but to love one another…Romans 13:8 (KJV)

Sometimes many of us think of how large the world is, of how there are many nations and several billions of people and say within ourselves that we may not really be able to affect the entire world. This way of thinking is seen in the way we live our lives everyday. But I want to correct that impression by telling you that you can affect a whole lot more people that you think you can. You have no count of how many persons you have met in person since the last 10 months and you will never be able to tell how many persons you’ll meet all your life.

God tells you and me that we owe this world something. There is something we should give to every human being we come in contact with whether physically or not. That special thing is love. We owe it to the people we meet everyday and everywhere. This is a debt you and I will keep paying till we’re gone from this earth. God planned it to be so and when we’re not mindful of this, we’re not mindful if His purpose for our lives.

Lots of people don’t know what God’s specific purpose for their life is and they really want to know. Let me help by saying that it’s not difficult to find. As we do what we have clearly seen God wants us to do, it leads us to something else God also wants us to do. Finding the role God wants you to play on this earth is actually simpler than most people think.

Begin from the known to the unknown. As you start operating in the known, soon enough the unknown will become known.

Start from loving people with a sense of assignment as if that’s your role in this life because it actually is. The greatest person who has ever walked this earth is Jesus Christ. He demonstrated this. He loved people. Helping people, encouraging them and using the power of God to terminate evil in their lives were the things He found joy in doing. You can simply do the same things He did. When you see people who are suffering, don’t shrink from them. Rather bring them a word of hope and let them know God cares about them.

We owe this world love. You cannot miss your purpose on earth by walking in love. So many are pursuing money, fame, career success etc. These things are not bad but if we do not exalt loving people in and above all we do, we have missed the point. If we withhold love from flowing as a river in our lives, we’ll be multiplying the heartaches and anguish in the world. Why make things worse when you can make things better. This is what being salt to the earth means – loving people.

Here is how we make life sweet for them. This is what being the light of the world means. My friend, you are a debtor, you owe everyone love. Allow this sink in. This awareness will regulate your attitude and the way you speak to people. It will caution you in the way you treat people. From within, love will direct you on what to do and what not to do. This is how we make the world a better place. This is how you start impacting the world.

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