Sometimes we are too busy thinking about difficulties so we don’t have time to be grateful for God’s grace.

Do not be too busy taking care of the mistakes and shortcomings of others, because it will make our lives uneasy.

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Busy and manage and reduce your mistakes and shortcomings, because it will make your life calm and peaceful.

Too Busy to take care of other people, to forget the accumulating sins.

Sometimes we often criticize others, comment on ugliness, gossip about their ugliness, taking care of his sin, chattering about his immorality, without us realizing that we ourselves are the ones who are mocking.

We are busy looking for the shame of others, until we forget our own disgrace that may be even more than them.

We feel that we are better than them, even though they can be 1000 times better than us.

Like pointing someone else with one index finger. While the other four fingers, actually refer to ourselves.

That is, as if all the shame of others, which is only like a grain of sand is very visible, while the shame of ourselves that is as big as a mountain, is not visible, we are not even aware of it.

“It is not someone who covers the shame of others in the world, but Allah will cover his shame on the Day of Judgment later.” (HR Muslim).

Don’t be too busy looking for glittering nights, until you forget who always shines every night.

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Sometimes you are too busy chasing someone else, to the extent that you are not aware that you are also being chased. So what you feel right now is the same as someone who feels behind you.

Instead of bothering to take care of others, you should focus on being grateful, correcting your shortcomings, don’t think you are better than others, don’t think you are right..

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We are busy thinking about good life …

Until we forget to think of dead delicious …

While we are given a chance …

We don’t waste the opportunity …

Because we don’t know when death comes to us …

And you cannot escape death even if you are in a very strong fortress.

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  1. Dwiitavita

    Artikel yang menyentuh, ya Saya berfikir ini tentang Kita harus membuat management waktu yang bagus. Keseimbangan antara hak hubungan dengan manusia terlebih lagi secara vertical yaitu dengan Tuhan. Terimakasih sudah saling mengingatkan

  2. sandwichbill

    Good post. I’ve noticed that we often dislike the people in life that most remind us of ourselves and we frequently say things about others that we should be saying about ourselves; we develop a mechanism and project ourselves onto other people.