In this florid period you will certainly have noticed that crypto social networks are growing up like mushrooms, Ono, Minds, Scorum, Akasha and Narrative, to name just a few. Surely an inevitable thing considering the success of the progenitor of this movement, which is certainly Steemit, what better way then to try to break into the field if not to copy in large part the one who in these two years has been the undisputed leader?

So here I intend to introduce Weku, the social made in China that has decided to go on the safe side, their philosophy, as can be seen from their White Paper does not seem completely wrong, if Steemit is proving efficient and reliable, why not adopt the same formula, which has already proved to be more than well done?

There are however some differences and soon I will try to show you what I could find so far, I have been on the platform for almost a week and I tried to explore the site as much as possible.

If their tactics are winning or not only time will tell, surely they have simplified everything regarding the part that we could call “bureaucratic”, everything seems to be easier, there are no other related sites like on Steemit where check Voting Power, etc… or different Web or Smartphone applications, that should be officially released by Weku team at the beginning of 2019, here are some points that differentiate it:

– No upvote bots in sight so far.

– The ability to choose the voting percentage of the upvote is available from the beginning.

– The tags work in a completely different way, if tagged communities such as amar, zeal, zealpro, team-quality, saahil and lifty, you will receive substantial upvote from them.

Now we come to one of the crucial points, the upvote, unlike Steemit where just entered you can not even give a tenth of a penny to anyone, here the situation seems to be quite different, your first upvote will apply right away on the 70 cents, this I must admit that makes you feel “powerful”, even if, the Weku understood as a real cryptocurrency does not exist yet, in December 2018 there will be the ICO, so it will be waiting and everything remains an enigma. However, it is possible to exchange Weku Dollars if you have a Wallet Bitshares, but as you can see here for now there are no big trades.

Your reputation will rise very high, with only 7 posts in the active I have personally reached the number (43), this speed is exciting but we’ll see its results over time. No one forbids to post the same content that you have already used on other social networks, good practice that I found out right yesterday, is to write the link to the original post.


In this screen you can see the final piece of the roadmap that will end with the December ICO

Let’s start now by seeing some screen of the site that will surely remind you of something very familiar. A fairly quick tutorial since there is not a lot to add and everything will result in a continuous Déjà vu if you are already Steemians.


Here is how my Blog is presented, it is practically identical to that of Steemit, the only addition is that of a refferal link to the site itself in the description of your profile.


Let’s move now in the settings, even here it’s all the same, but I noticed by some users that in the “Cover Image” section you can insert animated GIFs.


Compared to Steemit there are fewer settings to be set, for example, the choice of language and the choice of rewards distribution are missing.


Now let’s move to the Wallet, as you can easily see is all very familiar, no difference from the wallet that you already know very well if you are already a user on Steemit.


This is the final part of the Wallet, I think it is really useless to add any comment if you are of the Steemians even if only semi-navigated is a section that you will know as your pockets.


Here you can see how you can choose the percentage of voting right from your first steps in the platform, since your upvote is already worth enough is a great advantage to be able to use it right away.

Clicking on your profile picture will open the drop-down menu to which, compared to Steemit, only the “night mode” is missing, which has recently been added.

To finish the homepage of the site, which in this case too, I think you’ll manage to find out about it without the slightest problem if you are accustomed to Steemit.

Keep in mind that the site is still in Beta version, as is Steemit. The continuous comparisons I made in this post seemed more than necessary to find easier.

Conclude by telling you that so far I have had a positive impression from the site and its community, but if the game is not worth we’ll find out soon, being identical to Steemit is a big advantage on the one hand because it takes really a few seconds to adapt, already from the completely free registration whose operation is identical, the only differences are that in this case it is instantaneous and at your entrance you will find a bonus of 100 WEKU POWER in your Wallet.


I leave you my refferal link if you think my article has been useful and you want to join the community, I also want to thank a lot @yanika for introducing me to Weku platform and also @gabriel for talking about it on chat.

All the images in this post are screenshots I personally made at the official site and at the blogging platform.

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