SIN2 2018 Steemit In Nigeria, this great event can never be over inferized. Sequel with the on going plans towards this great event in Nigeria, to me it’s the new birth of Revenlution and mass adaption of cryptocurrence in Nigeria.

Yeah, we taking over Abuja this time around just as @Dj-khd is taking over Good music 🎶. The great event has come to stay among Nigeria community. Efforts has been map out and be fixed, clock keep ticking day’s keep going by @lead360 set to host the world.

Let’s me start by saying a very big thanks you and congratulation to all the community who has shown concerned so far towards the acculizatiin of SIN2 2018

SIN2 updates; shirt designs, addition of more communities, final design poster, ID card sample unveiling and lots more.

We came for the money but finally stay for the community because community makes us who we are

Below are the official announcements of various Steemit community working with us.

Updated list of communities working with the SIN2 team

As the main focus of this year’s event is centered on community building centered around the steem blockchain growth, we have ensured we responded to the requests of several communities, as well as contact some communities who want to work towards building the platform to it’s full glory using Nigeria and Africa as a point of reference.

So far we have above ten communities willing to work with us;

Abuja steem community

Genesis project community

Naija pidgin community

Africa unchained community

Steem Lagos community

Steem naira community

Euronation community

Steem peninsula community

Steem Uyo community

Artisan power up community

Wafrica community

Steemians arena community

Steembees community

Steemup Delta community

Bigwaves general community

Also neccerasy agreement on Ibadan community will soon be concluded

Finally thanks to @steemexchanger for they mind blowing positive support, you guy’s are amazing

And also  to individual  who has been putting endless effort @xpency @Japfive and @destinysaid I say a very big thanks to you sir.

It will also gladend your heart that this is the most powerful description of cryptocurrence breakthrough in Nigeria at large that’s why we decided to bring it to the federal capital state of Nigerian.

However for more information about steemit in Nigeria SIN2 which is coming up soon visit our website for full details.

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