Welcome to the next phase of karma app

It’s has been a tireless efforts putting in place by the karma team to make sure everyone is carry along while we all await the lunching of the app, so far so good Karma keep shooting to the moon

Karma has been through alpha testing, is currently in beta testing, and will be available very soon on the App Store. iOS and Android will be available. The team building the Karma platform have some very cool ideas for the app and the marketing plan. It’s going to be very exciting to see

They will be a mini beta group where the first version of the app will be released and tested before the full version is out, the team is internally testing the beta and after that testing concludes, it will be opened up to a small group and then a large beta test group below link will give you fast track to fill out the forms for the beta version of the app.


Nevertheless karma has been trading on few exchanger’s like Chaince, Big.one or dexeos.io  etc But to me Chaince has the most volume and user friendly interface and currently you can get as much as you can from it. The fast spread of the projects

Fan’s suggestion towards the app

@Fredrick one of the karma enthusiastic member suggested possibly features he will love to see on the app

It will be cool if a feature like live report be added in such a way that it will be able to flag areas that requires immediate attention like in the case of emergency for example natural disasters and maybe accident and any form of event and the victims needs support and assistance this will enable the app users get real time update on such occurrence and be able to render assistance to such victims or areas by donating karma or materials things.

While myself @japfive an also suggested possible to have a feature like live streaming of events too from different places within individuals location, it was am open privilege by the team of karma to people.

Benefit of powering up over 651,813 809 karma has been staked repaidly within the last fews week’s

Right now, people are powering up, prior to the apps release because of the weekly/daily staking rewards.

When the app comes out, it will give you voting power on the platform when you like people’s posts. The more you power up, the stronger your upvotes. Also, there will still be daily staking rewards.

In the future there will be voting and even more reasons to stake.

It also can help you protect your KARMA, it takes 3 days for your KARMA to become transferable after you power down. So if your keys are compromised and your KARMA is powered up, you have 3 days to secure your account.

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