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New Years Eve in HoChiMinh Town was really crazy .

There you realize that they Love their Motorbikes . They eat laying on it ( i only saw thus in NewYearsEve) they  even Watched the Firework sitting on it.

The engine on: 

Ready to Start 

And they Drive through hundreds of people and no foreigner  can Imagine how this could work .

In Europe you won’t Pass 10 people without one of Them shout in your direction.

But i get on a Bike and tried by myself and the ONLY Thing you should remember about the Traffic is: “Move Like water and go with the flow”

 Its crazy But its Something you have to do! Rent a Bike or Buy one it doesnt Matter 😀 


First we wanted to Go at a skybar But all of Them are overbooked ,so we Walked along the Main Road and came to a group which SAT in Front of their Store . They invited us to sit next to them , offered us Beer and again we fehlt the kindness  and happyness Front  thus beautiful country . After a few hours we decided to Go home so we ordered a Grab Taxi .

Its really easy there you only have to Download the “Grab Taxi” App and find the nearest Driver from your Location .

You See the price in the App so you pay the normal price and not the Highest Touri-prices.


At the beginning of the next day Tired from the hard Night we decided to go to this Theme Park…

 Im not sure if it sounds right , but honestly this was the best theme Park i visited in my whole life!



Look at this and tell me what u think about it !

Big , Mythical and Powerfull

Shine Bright

Stunning View


Closer Look



There were also many rollercoasters or Something like that 😀you can have an dieser Look at their Homepage because
unfortunally i dont have Pictures but as soon as i get them I show you ! Or you Look by yourself :

Feelings between : Why do you get into this ? and absolute fun ! 



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