Whale exchange is a decentralized exchange running on EOS.It will facilitate cross chain transactions bringing in potentially billions of dollars of trading from other blockchains such as Bitcoin; Ethereum;Bitcoin cash and countless others.It uses off chain trade matching engine which improves speed and efficiency.

Whale Token WAL  is a certificate issued by the WhaleEx platform and represents the owner of the trading platform.WAL is a proof of the work right of the WhaleEx trading platform.WAL is the only certificate issued by the Whale Platform.Total token supply is 10 billion 10,000,000,000.WAL holders also have rights to governance.

It is also using an innovative token distribution model.Like other popular revenue sharing exchanges like Binance the token will have utility plus dividends which makes it very valuable (which should lead to price appreciation)80% of the transaction fees are redistributed as WAL tokens

Register and recieve WAL and DICE

New users who register and pass KYK can receive free EOS accounts,600 WAL tokens plus 400 DICE which are tokens from a very popular dice platform on EOS (BetDice) which has greatly appreciated since its release and is paying some very nice dividends itself.

How to obtain WAL

WAL can only be attained through transaction mining, registration rewards and community ecological construction rewards.

The following is taken directly from WhaleEx

“Trading Mining – Appointment Registration

WhaleEx is about to start trading mining, and now book an appointment, will receive SMS notification when going online, have the opportunity to become the first miners.

What is WhaleEx trading mining?

WhaleEx is the world’s first decentralized exchange to support trading mining, using repo-type trading mining, which is different from the dividend model.

Trading mining rules

WAL trading mining ratio: trading mining output accounts for 30% of the total WAL. The rest of the mining period will not be released year on year.

WAL conversion rule: Convert 120% of the handling fee generated by each natural day into WAL return on a daily basis, 80% of which is WAL in circulation and 40% into position. The position is converted to a circulating WAL at a rate of 0.3% per day. The discounted price is calculated based on the average hourly WAL price.

WAL return cycle: At 11:00 am the next day, the distribution and position WAL will be allocated, and the mining data of the previous day will be updated.

WAL repurchase: Inject 80% of the daily fee income into the pool of repurchase funds. After one month of trading mining, 1% of the pool of repurchase funds is released each day for repurchasing WAL.”

REGISTER: https://ym.whaleex.com/whaleEx/dash/login?inviteCode=PA-bWrcd

What is WAL? https://whaleex.zendesk.com/hc/zh-cn/articles/360016323972-WAL%E4%BB%8B%E7%BB%8D

White paper(Chinese)https://static.whaleex.com.cn/whitepaper/WhaleEx_zh.1.12.pdf

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