In recent weeks, the crypto currency markets have been rising with subcoins that launch their own independent bullish run. In addition to the XRP, which has risen by 17% in the last few days, the total market value is stable and has moved to the area of 200 to 220 billion dollars since September of this year. However, not everyone is happy. Before the January correction, those who invested in crypto money gathered their profits digitally. However, the recipients of crypto money after January thinks black. At this point, there is a need for a repulsive force to roll the ball on the market, and that repulsive force may be the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). So what could the next bitcoin explosion do?

Will the SEC approve of a Bitcoin ETF?

Krypto money experts estimate that a Krypto money market bull rush is inevitable and that at some point it will happen.The number of experts and analysts who think that this price movement will take place at the beginning of the year is more. However, a bull market may not take place in such a short period of time, and this process may take several years. Thus, after investing in December, the losers can wait for a while until they see some kind of profit.

Oliver Isaacs, a blockchain investor, says that the bull market could take place earlier if the SEC approved a Bitcoin ETF. Blockchain investor believes that Bitcoin’s ETF approval may be something that leads the market in the right direction. Oliver Isaacs says::

Approval of a Bitcoin ETF will allow billions of dollars to be deposited into the crypto for new investors. It will also enable investors to invest in stocks and all other mainstream asset classes.

The next bitcoin explosion and its similarities with the gold price

If SEC confirms Bitcoin ETF, then the market value of the most valuable crypto currency can rise to new heights. Isaacs says the situation is now similar to that of gold in 2003. Oliver Isaacs says::

Precious metal saw more than 300% increase in its price after its first ETF approval in March 2003.

SEC’s approval of a Bitcoin ETF may have a similar effect on the market. Blockchain investor estimates that, if it does, the leading digital currency could rise to over $ 22,000.

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