I registered with Chaince  and liked the look of the exchange very much. I transferred some EOS and my IQ, CET, Horus and Karma airdrop tokens from the blockchain using the Greymass wallet. The tokens appeared almost instantaneously in the exchange. I liked the interface very much. I did a bit of trading  and everything worked fine.

Then I saw that something called NEWDEX.io was available. I had a look and all you had to do was log in with Scatter. I liked the interface even better. They claim to be the world’s first EOS- based decentralised trading platform that uses decentralised operations. What I really liked was that all my airdrops showed up here. I suddenly realised that I could transfer my tokens that were on the Chaince exchange back to my account on the blockchain. Every time you do a trade a Scatter contract appears, you sign and your transaction is reflected on the blockchain. This seems a safer and more secure way to trade.

There is another decentralised trading platform called DEXEOS.io. Works in the same way as NEWDEK but I found the interface not as friendly. For the present, I’m using NEWDEK.io. Any thoughts?

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  1. Conceptskip

    I’ve burned my fingers with trying to transfer eth to chaince, wont touch it too soon again. Decentralized Exchanges are really interesting, i guess the sign in with scatter really makes a difference, and might help boost adoption.

  2. James

    I’ve had a tinker on both of these sites (dexeos and newdex) and some of the exchange rates are quite significantly different. Given the zero trading fees, its possible to buy low on one site and sell immediately for more on the other. Unfortunately the traded volumes on both sites are relatively low so not always possible to get an instant trade. Kinda fun if you have the patience though