If 100 people lived on earth…

Today I woke up and went around the internet to see what was going on, and I stumbled on a video called “If 100 people lived on earth!” And I wanted to tackle the information given in this video!

If 100 people lived on earth, 60 would live in Asia, 15 in Africa, 11 in Europe and 14 in America!

60 would live in Asia! That’s a huge percentage of the population living in Asia! No wonder China and especially India have problems with hunger! Feeding 60 percentage of the world population is way too much! The only solution I see to fix this is limiting the number of children, because yes, overpopulation is an issue, especially when it’s condensed to just 1 part of the world!

But is it wrong to control the max amount of children a couple can have?

In my opinion, it isn’t! It’s wrong to enforce it through physical ways, if the woman is pregnant already we aren’t going to force her to abort, but a little fine for any couple that has more then 2 children is in my opinion understandable! China has a two-child policy since 2016! India should follow this!

Why have more children when you can give more to two?! Having more children just because you like having children and not being able to provide for their basic needs is just selfish!

If 100 people lived on earth, 33 would be Christians, 21 would be Islams, 14 Hindus, 6 Buddhists, 10 other religions and 16 non-religious!

I won’t go much in detail here, mainly because I don’t want to spark any debate about religions. In my opinion, religion is something that was needed in ancients times. Back when we had to send armies to fight and die for our country and they needed something to believe in after death! Back when there was no CSI Miami and we needed something to literally “put the fear of God” on criminals and murders! Back when we didn’t know many things that we now know about science and the population needed something to believe in!

Regardless of that I’m agnostic, it’s not a religion it’s more a way of living, it basically means:

“agnosticism is the view that human reason is incapable of providing sufficient rational grounds to justify either the belief that God exists or the belief that God does not exist” – According to the philosopher William L. Rowe.

Since we can never know if it exists or if it doesn’t exist I won’t “waste” time thinking about such issues…

What I found interesting is this:

Over the 2010-2050 period, Christians will remain the largest religious group with 34.1% of the world’s population. However, Islam will grow faster and become 29.7% of the world’s population. Therefore, by 2050 there will be 2.8 billion Muslims compared to 2.9 billion Christians. – Wikipedia

Do you think this is what is going to happen? Or will we see an increase in another religion, maybe more people will become atheists with the development of tech! Or maybe tech will have the opposite effect, seeing the wonders of the universe will actually decrease atheists and people will start to believe in a god or gods! Or maybe we are all in a simulation like Matrix and we don’t know!

If 100 people lived on earth 12 would be Chinese-speakers, 6 would be Spanish speakers, 5 would be English speakers, 4 would be Hindi speakers, 3 Arabic Speakers and the rest speak over 6500 languages!

Chinese being a language that so many speak it’s one of my first priorities when it comes to learning new languages, right up there with German!

In my opinion, we will slowly move to a world that speaks only 1 language! If that language is going to be Mandarin, English or Spanish I don’t know, but if I had to bet I would bet on English… I already use more English nowadays then I do Portuguese, English is spoken in many countries and a large part of people have adopted it as a second language! Even when speaking with my friends a more than normal part of our talks come out in English words!

But maybe we will see a flipping of this! I’m expecting that in the next years with Trump trying to isolate America and China trying to grow roots to Europe through railways, etc… we might very well see in the near future a growth in China and Chinese! Just look at blockchain tech! China is one of the major hubs for it!

If 100 people lived on earth 86 could read and 14 can’t!

Well, this is actually going in a good way! Even though we have many problems in our education system, that should be fixed, we are seeing more and more people that can read and fewer and fewer people that can’t! In a few years, we are going to reduce those 14 to almost none! Especially if blockchain tech is adopted!

If blockchain tech is adopted then underdeveloped countries and or countries with economic problems will get better! Just look at Venezuela! Even though everything is going to shit over there I’ve seen people that were able to buy huge amounts of food with cryptocurrencies! STEEM is helping them out in a BIG BIG way!

The adoption of blockchain tech will bring more stability and a bigger improvement to troubled areas around the world! Increasing the education priority in these areas!

If 100 people lived on earth 21 would be overweight, 63 would be normal weight, 15 would be underfed and 1 would be starving!

One of the biggest problems in our world! Starvation! Even though this is in part because of the overpopulation in some areas it is mainly because money and food aren’t well distributed throughout the world! Countries that require more food are the ones getting the least food!

And the plague of our modern world, 21 would be overweight! Doing some quick maths if those 21 ate less there would be enough for the other 16 that are either underfed or starving! But I can’t blame those people…

Those people are mostly in developed countries that have more then enough food for them, even if they ate less, the food would be thrown out… they already do this in most restaurants! When there is too much at the end of the day, the food is thrown out to the garbage instead of feeding the homeless!

The problem isn’t them eating too much, the problem is developed countries not sharing the food with the less developed ones! No, I’m not saying to put a hamburger in a package and sending it to Africa or India… I’m saying that, before investing x bucks to develop new farms and infrastructures in developed countries, just grab the money and develop them in starving and underfed countries!

If 100 people lived on earth 87 would have clean water and 13 wouldn’t!

This is actually something that I wasn’t expecting, I actually thought the number of people that didn’t have access to clean water would be bigger! Still, in the modern world with the amount of easy to use technologies that we have to clean water the number should be 0!

If 100 people lived on earth 44 would have internet and 56 wouldn’t!

Well, the internet is a new tech, something that only started to be adopted in developed countries 18 years ago during the dotcom boom! It’s normal that only half of the population have it! Still, this number is increasing! And I’m expecting that, with the release of StarLink, this number will drop huge time!

If you don’t know what Starlink is then let me explain…

It’s basically one of Elon Musk’s projects where he is aiming to blanket the whole world with fast and affordable satellite internet! Bringing affordable internet to the whole world, even remote places! How amazing is that! Bringing together the whole world! The internet to me is bringing the whole world closer together! It’s like a new country without any borders that we can all be part of! And Elon Musk with StarLink is inviting everyone to join this country! This planet!

If 100 people lived on earth 7 would have a college education and 93 wouldn’t!

This isn’t a problem in my opinion! We give too much emphasis to a college education! Yes, it makes it easier for one to go to a certain career, but nowadays with the internet, we don’t need to go to college to learn any skill we want to!

Even if we do go to college most of the information we learn is through books and mostly internet! Professor Google is the best teacher to someone that can differentiate good information from bad information.

I actually think a college education shackles us to a certain path! No human should be shackled, especially to a career! We have one of the most beautiful things in nature, a brain capable of everything!

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