CP was built on certain context and this video explains which were those origins of the genre. However as we move along into a more cyber reality. Can we get a clearer vision on what Cyberpunk could become. Like the video addresses, less punk and more hiphop way of viewing the future.

From hardcore C++ to more Javascript and API world that control all our lives and having smart houses and devices that talk to each other. Can we extend from the futuristic asian driven Tokyo style cities to a more general Swedish – Russian type cities.

But looking at what series like Mr Robot did with real tech make us rethink a new way of Cyberpunk. Little brother from novelist Cory Doctorow also put a new view on Cyberpunk that could be more realistic while still keeping the distopian future scenario,but less flashy and more based off the current reality.

Another series is black mirror where the AI of a person can outlive the person itself. His so called consiousness becomes a lot of writting patterns that can easily be emulated by an AI. Of course most traditional cyberpunk means cyborgs and human hacking, however does that really need to be the case? After all we are all just information, in the end cyberpunk might be more of a virtual thing than a “meat and bones” meets “plastic and wires” reunion.

In this scene from Black Mirror’s Be Right Back, his dead bf chat history is being processed by an AI to ‘act’ as him, including his ‘sense of humor’ and overal behavioral patterns.

On this video it explores the ways on trying to rewrite someone’s ideas and thoughts through signals, and in the end just generating humans out of their own memories. Very matrix and cyberpunkish in the end.

What are your views on cyberpunk? You think Cyberpunk could be more real than it’s being portrait.

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    1. JZA Post author

      Yes I still have some nice comment for that video as I think this already happened. There is no evidence that these ‘attempts’ to control humanity through vibrations have ‘failed’ at all. I think currently most of the people resonate to whatever the news say and with that speed they forget about past events. Nobody think about Haiti after 3 months of news cycle from the hurricane, same as nobody remember the oil spill in the golf by British Petroleum. Is funny how most of the population are on a ‘fast food diet of information’, and in the end, our perception is completely opaqued by news outlet, celebrities, sports and others.

  1. SouthernCrossroads

    My cube mate at work believes we are all in the matrix. I on the other hand believe we are receptors for sensory organs. If I can see it, touch it, taste it, hear it it’s real. It real if i can understand it. Thing are because I believe them, and every mind is it’s own perspective on the universe.

    I think I’m in to cyber R&B, maybe cyber jazz…

    Thanks, interesting work. Well worth reading.