What is KYC? If you know your customer known as sağlamak KYC ”,” Know Your Customer ”and provide standardization.

Information required in KYC form

Available information in the form of KYC:

Name surname

Resident address


Date of birth

Official ID number (driver’s license, passport, ID card)

TV number

Bank structural

Utility Invoice

Bank card photo (should be for the fund)

What does KYC mean for crypto money exchanges?

The growth of crypto money exchanges and the fairy tale of crypto money must be combined with the generalization of the KYC. KYC serves as a check for exchanges that convert a currency into a crypto currency for purchase and use transactions.

Is driving in KYC similar to all crypto currency exchanges?

In essence, the process of identifying the KYC or the customer requires information necessary for verification and relevant information. But the main process was found in the stock exchanges. One indicates the requested identities, the signed form, and the rendered analytics.

What’s he doing for the KYC?

Information required for all rights, such as full advertising, address, citizenship, bank account summaries, invoices, a code, such as a photo is presented. This, and perhaps customers may come and complex. However, such information is to ensure acts of terrorism and corruption.

The main advantages of applying KYC are:

Prevent fraudulent participation in ICOs

To fight crime (money laundering)

Ensuring the security of investors’ assets

Avoiding legal, tax and reputation issues

Establishing a reliable relationship with banks

What is KYC? What are the benefits of KYC in the global market?

KYC allows companies to establish a more secure relationship between the relevant financial provider and businesses from all over the world. These businesses should remain ethical to obtain financial support from such financial institutions. Authentication, which is one of the most important features of KYC norms, was a big step to be taken into consideration.


KYC aims to identify customers, evaluate money laundering, measure risky customers, and monitor customer activities. KYC is an additional source of compliance and security that allows the elimination of illegal activities from all industries, including retail, banking and e-commerce companies.

Do not be afraid to do the last thing I want to make the most important to our security.

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