What is MCO?

MCO is an ERC-20 utility token on the Ethereum blockchain, launched by the company previously know as Monaco but has now been rebranded as crypto.com. The vision and goal of crypto.com is to bring cryptocurrencies into every wallet. They plan to do this with their first product MCO which is the branding that incorporates all consumer facing products. The MCO brand covers MCO Wallet App and MCO Visa Card.

The Wallet App

The wallet app is up and functional and is available on both iphone and android but there has been some troubles earlier with rooted andriod phones.

The application will allow you to buy/sell and send/receive supported currencies which right now is Bitcoin, Ether, MCO and Binance Coin and the plan is to add more currencies in the future. It also allows you to track crypto currencies and will according to the whitepaper have an alert function. I couldn’t find this alert function at the time of writing this.

Through the application you will also have the ability to freeze/unfreeze the MCO visa card and enable withdrawals. The fee to send crypto to other MCO wallets is zero meanwhile a small fee is charged when sending to external wallets and adresses.

Another feature in the application is the University, it provides you with short articles about basic crypto topics that are rockie-friendly.

The application is free to download and then you will need to go through a KYC-process which in my case was short and simple. A picture and my drivers license and i was all good to go.
Upcoming branches in the application will be MCO Crypto Invest and MCO crypto Credit.

-MCO Crypto Credit (Development in progress)

The idea of the crypto credit is that you won’t be in need to spend your valuable crypto but instead use it as collateral for credit. Various currencies will require diffrent amounts of collateral and the MCO token will give you the highest credit limits.

If the price of the collateral increases you will be allowed a higher credit limit. In case your collateral decreases in price a margin call will be triggerd and you will have to top up the collateral or let MCO convert a portion of the collateral to repay the credit.

-MCO Crypto Invest (Development in progress)

Is supposed to be a simple way to diversify and manage your crypto portfolio. You can do this based on your preferences. You will be able to withdraw your money at any time without penalty and fees are only taken from your profit.

MCO Visa Card

The visa card will allow you to spend cryptocurrencies on a instant and avoid large fees when traveling abroad. The card can either be used as a credit card or topped up and used as a debit card. There are currently six diffrent cards that are ranging from free up to a requirement of 50,000 MCO, 6 month lockup. The cards have diffrent levels and require diffrent amounts of MCO locked up. These levels will give you diffrent levels in the perks.

The perks comes in the shape of free ATM withdrawal fees and foreign exchange fees up to certain limits and cashback on all things purchased. If you reach high enough you will get access to MCO Private, airport lounge access with “Loungekey” and higher referral rewards.

All the platinum cards that require lockup will be metal and have predetermined colors. They will be deliverd to you free of charge and there is no annual fees. The cards haven’t yet been released, but are almost ready to be shipped. Starting with Asia then Europe then USA.

MCO Services & Benefits

-MCO Private (Development in progress)

This will give you personal service, access to industry events and access to other crypto opportunities.

-Platinum Referral Rewards (Live)

After locking up tokens you will be able to invite friends and the amount to gift to your newly recruited friend will increase with the levels. The gift will be sent to your friends crypto invest. For each recruit you bring onboard you will be rewarded by up to 25% of their net fees. The amount you locked up will have to be kept in lockdown to receive the rewards.

-Crypto Wallet Cashback (Live)

For any crypto purchase you will receive a cashback on the acquired crypto amount. This feature also requires you to have your MCO’s locked up. This cashback will be sent to your crypto invest.

-Crypto Airdrops (Development in progress)

Holding MCO tokens in the wallet app will make you eligible to receive airdrops for tokens and coins that are about to list in the wallet app. The airdrop will be proportional to the amount of MCO’s you got.

List of Exchanges

Exchanges where you can buy the MCO token.


And more…

Token Value Drivers

There are a total of 31,587,682 MCO.

When people lockup their tokens to recive a card and then gain the benefits it will lower the supply. When more people hear about the products crypto.com offer, more wants to get onboard. This will increase demand. The company do however intend to lock the lowest tier platinum card to a undetermined fiat cost once the token price goes to high.

When the crypto.com team gives you your cashback amount they will give it to you in the equivalent value of MCO tokens. This will result in that the company itself will have to buy back tokens to in turn hand over to you.


What should you bring out of this article? Thats up to you, i want to spread the word of the product becuase i like the team and the cards. But i do want to give you an advice to be careful with the credit due to the current volatile nature of our space. You don’t want to lose your crypto guys!

If you have any arguments that bring out MCO’s downsides, i would love to hear them in the comment section.


I am not a financial advisor. Do your own research.
the author of this article i would like to inform you that i am invested in MCO.

More Information

If you are looking for more information about Crypto.com and MCO, you can check the following sources.


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