For people who have joined Steemit, they must be familiar with Steemhunt. Steemhunt is one of the Hunt platforms (steemhunt, reviewhunt, ideahunt) steem dApp that are friendly to every steemian who joins either advance or newbie. A ranking community that rewards the contributors (hunters) for sharing /enhancing cool new products, and discussing them in the comments column.

Steemhunt seemed to bring breath of enthusiasm to the cutting edge of social networks Stealing blockchain. Become a connecting platform for makers to reach early users for the success of their product launches.

Steemhunt was developed by developers from South Korea, namely @ project7 and @Tabris. Steemhunt is not a writing curation project where you don’t need to write at length to get a high upvote, just look for cool, innovative and new products, so that it will invite other hunters to come to support your hunt. The upvote system from Steemhunt is based on the ranking system. Only 100 products per day will get upvote based on user scores above 1.00.

The main point is when first joining on steemhunt please takes patience and more often daily activity in Steemhunt to increase user scores (increasing user scores is very important for every hunter, because some airdrop depends on the number of user scores including the number of upvote rewards from steemhunt) in order to get upvote in return. Every hunter starts from zero, and might feel heavy when you first join (all hunters feel that time). Steemhunt not only appreciates the post contributors, but every day also gives rewards to 100 valuable comments based on the number of votes scored.

Steemhunt was built with the economic power of HUNT tokens. Every hunter or steemian who is part of the steemhunt community can get hunt tokens through airdrops and bounty programs. Like contributing to writing about steemhunt in various media, shuffle button lottery in 4 time based KST, twitter bounty campaign, conversion of hunt post (steem / SBD) to hunt tokens for 1 STU = 19.69 HUNT, active every day to upload posts and comments from other hunters through steemhunt website, contributing become an influencer will get 3x of daily hunt token , social share bounty on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc (in order to make everyone visit and click on our social share link), steem power delegates, actively socialize and help answer questions in the discord.

Steemhunt is supported by the community and from the members themselves. Some members have special roles to keep the Steemhunt running, including:

Moderators whose job is to moderate and verify daily hunting based on posting guidelines.

Social Media Manager to increase Steemhunt awareness outside the economy Steem on various social media channels. Currently, the good news that  Steemhunt has been registered to betalist (the start-up platform ranking)

Community managers: To handle communities in Discord to stay conducive away from unethical actions.

Influencers whose duty is to boosting good and worthy products to enter 100 leaderboard but don’t get much attention from other hunters. Certainly in accordance with the guidelines for influencers what can and cannot be done.

To contribute on steemhunt is simple, just use your steemit account, log in via steemconect to the steemhunt website. If you haven’t joined the Steemhunt community, what are you waiting for? Let’s join, search for and hunt great products, chat and exchange thoughts with friends of hunters from all over the world who are always open and friendly in steemhunt discord at the #coffelounge  channel and getting HUNT reward tokens that will be released soon with the IEO on the exchange.

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  1. ozgurcinarli

    It is my favorite platform on steemit. I set my alarm at the time when hunts appear. It’s 18:00 o’clock according to İstanbul time. I choose 10-15 of them, upvote them and get both hunttokens and curation rewards. I also recommend it to all steemit users.