Telos is a Blockchain Network, we call it TBN (Telos Blockchain Network). It uses EOSIO source code base. Telos is “NOT” a fork of EOS Maiannet. TELOS and EOS Mainnet both are using the same source code base which is EOSIO. So both belong to the same family. Both are part of the EOSIO echo system.

Although, Telos is using the same source code base as EOS Mainnet, but Telos has implemented lot of additional features on top of EOS. Moreover, Telos is also solving some of the pain points of EOS. So Telos is much more modern and advance than EOS.

Let’s talk about some of the benefits of Telos.


Telos is much more De-centralized than EOS. In EOS whales control everything, they own 10s of millions of Tokens. Ordinary EOS Token holders, like you, do not have much influence on EOS Mainnet. On the other-hand Telos has an upper limit on initial tokens during launch. No one will get initially more than 40000 TELOS tokens during launch.

To further ensure the decentralization aspects in the future, as much as possible, Telos has designed, developed, approved, and implemented a very comprehensive documented governance process (framework). It consists of 6 detailed documents and data protection policy. Please look into this governance process. EOS does not have anything like that.

Telos is Enterprise friendly

Telos is Enterprise friendly. TLG (Telos Launch Group) has looked into the best practices in GRC (Governance, Risks and Compliance). They have looked into the industry best practices in Information Security and Privacy. Telos has considered these best practices in the design of the Governance Framework. Telos has implemented some of the technical and administrative controls in this area.

Telos is DApps friendly

It is much easier, faster, and cheaper to deploy DApps on top of Telos. Within the Telos Governance Framework Telos has a dedicated role; Telos RAM Manager to manage RAM. DApps developers can get needed RAM to deploy applications at Published Guidance price.

Many other benefits (watch future Videos)

There are many more benefits of Telos. You will learn more about Telos in future videos. Please look at the Telos Foundation web site.

Telos is major player in EOSIO echo system

Remember that Telos is part of EOSIO echo system. We are confident that EOSIO has the potential to fundamentally change global economy and social systems. It has the potential to empower it’s communities, it’s user base, as well as all involved stakeholders (we call them “members”). We are deeply committed to contribute towards the growth of the EOSIO ecosystem.

The Community Rewards Program

And finally please do not forget that there is an on-going Telos Campaign “The Community Rewards Program”. Join Telos and get your Rewards. 1 million tokens have been reserved for you to earn your rewards..

Links (TELOS)

BP: swedencornet (TELOS/EOS Sweden)

swedencornet (TELOS/EOS Sweden) has a vision to become a well recognized productive player in the field. We aim to become a hub for Companies, Entrepreneurs, Governments, Public Safety & National Security Organizations, Developers, and Global Communities. EOS Sweden would like to build sound infrastructure and beneficial decentralized applications on top of EOS.IO.

We believe that everyone can contribute and benefit from EOSIO. Let’s we all work together for the greater good and well-being of all global and local societies.

Links for BP: swedencornet


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    1. Syed Mushabbar Sadiq

      Yes, as I know, EOS holders will get TELOS tokens 1:1 ratio (upper limit is 40 000). But you will not see this token on EOS. It is not a token on top of EOS.

      TELOS has it´s own Blockchain. And you will have TELOS tokens on Telos Network…