Since the last 5-6 months we have been in a strong bear market and people are freaking out. But is there really a reason to panic? Let me take you back to October 2017: The market has just recovered from the first wave of FUD from China. At that time the Hype for ICO´s  was just INSANE ! Everyday dozens of “crypto projects” appeared out of nowhere and the market valuation kept going up, additionally the number of released tether coins has been rising exponentially since then. Tether plays a key roll in pumping Bitcoin to $20.000. Early january 2018 the marketcap peeked at $830 billion and went down since then. But why? After parabolic growth with no gains in terms of intrinsic value,the market needed to correct. Another reason are scams or ICO´s in general, because there are hundreds of projects that didnt meet the deadlines of their roadmap. If you compare the correction in the crypto market  to the Dotcom bubble, we are most likely in 1996 maybe in 1998. In my opinion we are just in the beginning of an unbelieveable rally. Reasons for that are more regulations and finally certainty for institutional investors to enter the market. Just think of an old money billionair who puts a couple hundred million into the market and some weeks after the coins that person accumulated are classified as securities. That would be a huge problem.  High Net Worth Individuals need a regulated market to invest safely and without fear of loosing insane amounts of money. Another key aspect for the next huge rally are security token, so tokenized real world assets like real estate. Cryptocurrencies are future, there is no doubt about. But nobody knows when the next bull run will start and how high we will go and even if Bitcoin will be the number 1 in the future. 1 thing is clear, in a less volatil market people feel safer to invest their money! Thanks for reading peeps, have a good one! 🙂

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