When you say good-quality life, in fact, many people come to mind similar things. I would prefer to tell them in order. I’ve acquired a philosophy to myself so far and the main theme of this philosophy is to live life which is important not to live much.

Now let’s come to the items that will help us to live in quality;

1-Planned Living

Living in a quality life is going through success. No one who is successful cannot talk about quality life.

Planned to keep us away from the stressful environment first. Unplanned jobs or lack of work will cause stress to the person, but if you are progressing within a plan, why not stress, because your plan is set up to finish your work.

Planned life keeps us out of exhaustion.

There is a noticeable increase in your energy, as everything will progress at the time when it should happen, as it will keep you away from negative thoughts.

2-Get Your Target

Our goal is to focus on us.

Our advancement on the subject that we aim at brings us high motivation. Keeping our motivation high is very important for our quality of life.

Goals give you a clear desire to fight.

Our goals are keeping us alive from our lives.

3-Regular Feeding

If we do sports, we should be fed regularly.

Regular nutrition keeps us away from certain diseases. Heart vessel diseases are the biggest example of this.

It provides quality life by completely eliminating the fatigue in our body.

4- Work with Art

It has been scientifically proven that music and art branches give peace to people.

You realize that people who make art are more calm and polite.

Producing something has always been a source of pride for people.

5- Time with the people that makes you happy

Being with the people we don’t like or want to be put down will suddenly turn our mode down and push it to unhappiness, but being with the people we love will be enough to enjoy life.

You can live without thinking about all kinds of fun with the people we are happy with.

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