Good Day All

I thought it would be nice to talk about the small project my partner and I worked on a few years back, a game called Box Maze.

How did the idea come along? 

For years, my partner wanted to create a small game, he created a demo for a game where a box/square was travelling though a maze. I knew he was excited in making something from that and I was interested in helping. I studied Graphic Design and thought I could create something from that simple demo, so we got to planning.

Box Maze – Small indie game

We came up with a character called Cubert (with the help of the community) I did the design and my partner did the development part. We thought lets make it into a small story, where a cube traveled though different levels, being careful from the enemies, to save his love at the end. We were proud of our first few levels and designs. Keep in mind I wasn’t an experienced designer and my partner never worked in game development. When we look back at the levels and the character designs we smile, they weren’t that great. We worked on it for months. It wasn’t easy, most times when you changed codes, added new things to the game bugs would appear. My partner had a hard time with them.

When the game was ready we wanted to add it to Steam but back then it had to be reviewed and green lit. Your game would  be put into the green light program where viewers could see and judge the game. The comments would be harsh at times, a lot of people thought it was okay to bash a very small game. It wasn’t easy trying to get it Green lit. Some comments gave us no hope and had put us down. We didn’t think people would care that much, judging a small game that harshly. At the end though it got green lit and we were very happy. The reviews kept coming on the Box Maze Store, some loving and some just plain out hate. That I do have to say is the down side of developing a game. Ignoring the hate is not easy.

One thing that bothered me was how many people really have a lot of hate in them.  What goes through your mind when you review a $1 game so harshly. Anyway even after some of the comments we decided to create Box Maze 2, only because we enjoyed creating the first one.

Box Maze 2 

For Box Maze 2 we tried to improve the design and the levels, we added a better story line, with a video in the beginning. I recreated Cubert the box and the enemies. I do have to say I enjoyed creating Box Maze 2 a lot. The hardest parts was when I had to create different backgrounds and background blocks, I kept running out of ideas. We also came up with a new idea where you could change the main character, so at times it was hard to think of ideas and how to design them. There were new obstacles, a whole new clean design. The designs still weren’t the best but I was proud of them.

This time we took a little long in creating the game so we could make it look cleaner and work with the details. It is still a small indie game, made by people who have no experience in game development so of course it wasn’t going to have great design and no bugs. Some people still had nothing nice to say but we learnt to ignore the comments slowly. We were proud of our game.


In conclusion: If you want to create game, go ahead, have fun with it. Either create it for yourself and your friends or for steam (There is a cost to adding it on to Steam now). Be ready for the comments, some good and some bad. Just learn to ignore the harsh hateful ones but take in the one with constructive criticism.  It will take you time, months, but don’t give up. Seeing your project, your hard work, come to life is very joyful. You will gain respect for other developers. Remember to stay positive.

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  1. James Diegel

    That is really cool aria. Someday I would like to do something like this. I’m glad that you did not listen to the haters and kept on going – and in the end, it sounds like it was an experience worth pushing through 🙂

    1. James Diegel

      P.S. Maybe you you could find a way to get it on the blockchain… not sure how difficult it would be or if it would even be possible – but there are at least a couple projects on EOS looking to adapt 3rd party games 🙂

  2. AD

    A very honest article, I liked it.
    Impressive that even though you had no experience at all, you could go on a create a game. The thing I like the most is the characters. Their faces are really funny. I could see those characters becoming popular. Great effort!
    Happy to rate this on five *****

    1. aria Post author

      It does take up a lot of time, put if you put in just an hour everyday you could get somewhere. I like playing games too and sometimes time just flies while playing them haha

  3. firedream

    @aria never be dissapointed with the comments! That would be my only advice.
    Your game looks like the JumpnRoll game I developed for android.
    Yes, I also develop small games for android and now I am trying to develop dGames for EOS and TRYBE.
    Fun of it and feeling of experience as you solve the problems one by one is enough motivation.
    Never give up!