In the previous article I dived into identifying and explaining why, in my humble opinion, CryptoEmail has the right attributes to appeal to a very large number of people, including non-technical and not-knowing yet even what BlockChain represents; feel free to refresh your memory here:

As I mentioned, CryptoEmail is already established registered Australian Business and already has in its possession a lot of digital properties.


cMail operates a large network of CryptoCurrency related blogs, directories, social media websites and social media profiles… This is their complete list of web properties as of right now, which continues to expand on a regular bases:


These are their main blog platforms, hosted on their own servers. – This is their main token blog and is also used to promote different projects. – A blog platform that pays users perform simple tasks such as following and retweeting. – A CryptoCurrency blog with articles on different Crypto projects. – This blog lists new CryptoCurrency projects as soon as they are launched. – This website lists the best quality airdrops and free Crypto giveaways. – A blog for promoting ICOs and new CryptoCurrency projects. – A paid blogging platform where users get paid to click on links and read articles.


These are their link directories where they can list different CryptoCurrency projects and services. – A paid directory and blog platform that lists Bitcoin affiliate programs. – The biggest list of ways to earn bitcoin online along with tutorials. – A directory of CryptoCurrency influencers and marketing companies.


Steemit is the most popular BlockChain social media website and has over 600,000 registered users. – This is Jimbo Jones personal steemit account. – This steemit blog is updated often with good quality tube videos. – This account lists the latest Crypto coins as soon as they are launched.


Medium is a popular centralized blogging platform with CryptoCurrency projects. – This is Jimbo Jones personal medium account. – The official cMail token medium blog where we post all articles. – This blog lists the latest Crypto coins we are promoting. – A medium blog dedicated to different BlockChain games. – A medium blog that promotes and reviews different ICOs.


These are our blogs hosted on other platforms. – The official cMail blog hosted on – A tumblr blog for spreading CryptoCurrency memes. – A tumblr blog for posting up free Crypto airdrop offers.


Their twitter profiles get huge amounts of impressions each month. – The official cMail twitter account where you can find updates on cMail token. – Jimbo’s personal twitter account where he posts all kinds of Crypto stuff. – A twitter page for posting up new coins and Crypto projects. – This account lists a small amount of HQ Crypto currency ICOs with reviews. – A twitter page for posting free CryptoCurrency airdrops listed on exchanges. – A twitter page for posting many different free coin airdrops.


There are now many different BlockChain based social media profiles, and we endeavor to create content on all of them. – Jimbos personal Zonto account where he posts links to his articles. – Jimbo Jones personal account where you can find his latest posts. – Find all of Jimbos posts and articles on bitlanders here. – Minds is another popular social media site that is good for video hosting. – Jimbo’s personal Weku account with different Crypto articles.


Video is one of the best ways to promote Crypto projects. – Youtube channel for projects with free coin airdrops. – A number of different video channels on different subjects.!/c/jimbojones – Jimbos Personal Dtube account with all kinds of Crypto videos. – Jimbo’s personal bittube account with different Crypto videos.


They have generated millions of views using our images, gifs, memes and other viral content. – This is Jimbo’s personal GFYcat account with all sorts of cool animations. – An account for posting random funny gifs to promote free coin drops. – This is Jimbo Jones personal imgur account, probably random stupid stuff. – Image hosting account with different Crypto info graphics and memes. – Jimbo jones personal Supload account with a mix of random cool images. – A second supload account with many cool viral images and gifs.

As you can see, CryptoEmail has a colossal online presence and it should only increase from here. They already created an enormous Digital Empire which still has a lot of conquering objectives ahead; this should be without any doubt a very gladdening fact for all the people invested in this very promising project —

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