Tron (TRX) in a nutshell – Written for “TRYBE” TRON Contest


Yeah on TRYBE I’m known as the “Crypto Poet”,
best you read as a genuine post, TRX will show it,
my nickname is Zeus69, or you may call me Mark,
if you do so, I will find you no matter if its dark.

Back to the subject of TRON or TRX as known,
the “in the nutshell below,” no shit thrown.
Built and founded by no other than Justin Sun,
CEO, supported by 100 member team, lotsa fun.

From Beijing to Seoul, Tokyo, to San Francisco,
the teams hard work as they always on the go.

High-Throughput, is improved and achieved,
surpassing BTC and ETH, this can be believed.

High-Scalability, widely variant deployment,
effective smart contracts, your involvement.

High-Availablity, reliable network and structured,
assets, an intrinsic value, de-centrally, constructed.

Built for our community business not just fun,
many a person aggrieved at growth and try to shun,
project impacted by volatility, inevitably to the “Sun”,
excuse the pun, but sounds better than to the moon,
this will happen, when adopted and I am sure soon.

TRX or TRON, whatever you want to call its not a con,
in this crypto world, forget the bullshit and the FUD,
appreciate hard work, respect the project, my BUD.

This is the “crypto poet”signing out, for TRON, TRX,
believe it or not this might end up better than sex.

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    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Its rock n’roll my friend, LOL, but Elvis is no longer available so,
      Yeah hiphop if you like, you will have to write the music behind it then, 😉
      Thanks reading and commenting bud.
      Mark (Zeus69)

  1. Infosion

    Yeah was wondering about the sun, but yeah it sounded better. And think finally its also time to establish some new planet/star/galaxy to go too. Moon should be kind of outdated nowadays 😉
    Great stuff again & well summed up!

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Thanks bud, inspiration to write crypto related is quite difficult, but Im getting there slowly, I guess. Thank you for reading and commenting. Much appreciated.
      Mark (Zeus69)

  2. Nicky Havey

    I got myself some Tron back at the ATH days from this time last year and liked the look of the project. I sure hope it does end up better than sex, although I may as well be Christian now it’s been that long haha 😀

    Great post @zeus696

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Well not really, but the only word that rhymes with TRX, LOL – to the Moooon, LOL
      Thanks bud, yeah I try. Difficult to hit the rhythm with crypto as the only subject poetically. 😉
      Mark (Zeus69)