In the crypto-money world, scammers are more prominent than ever. Even if the Bitcoin wallet address of a known deceptor has been successfully defined, there is no real option to get the money back. Although there are some steps that can be taken to achieve a positive result, it shows a big problem in the sector.

How is a fraudster’s Bitcoin wallet address reported?

Depending on the nature of the deception, marking the wallet as marked is an option worth pursuing. In Ethereum Blockchain, many wallet addresses are marked as fake or fraudulent because they are used for deceptive purposes.

Transferring wallet information to stock exchanges and other service providers is a good place to start. Blockchain analysis companies communicate with the information in question, on the other hand it is important. Although it is unlikely that the money will be returned to the beneficiary, no one will be exposed to such fraud.

To complain to the police

Given the lack of active crypto-currency regulation in many countries, it is very difficult to act against the crypto-currency fraud. Transmission of all relevant information under an official police complaint may be an option. Most law enforcement agencies think that Bitcoin is anonymous, even if it is not clear.

Even if this action process does not yield any real results, individual reports can ultimately lead to a wide-ranging investigation. If a person is eventually arrested, the chance of a random auction of captured Bitcoins is high, meaning the funds to be recovered are absolutely zero. Once a victim of a crypto-currency theft, the game is over for the person who lost the funds.

Follow the criminal

There will always be people who take extreme measures to save their stolen crypto coins. Depending on exactly how much money is associated, it may not be seen as a completely abnormal situation. Because digital currency scammers can be found all over the internet, it is not difficult to monitor crypto money users. If the wallet can connect to an online ID, an important step is taken.

However, no matter how much money has been lost in the process, there is no reason to enter illegal activities or illegal acts due to stolen crypto money. Taking knowledge to law enforcement agencies will continue to be the best action plan

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