I always loved Castles, since I was a child, one of my dreams was to be able to visit all Castles around the world. Now as soon as I have the chance I visit them, my dream is still distant but I’m trying to do my best to crown it. Although I’ve always liked them I’ve always felt conflicting feelings that can overwhelm me:

– Admiration – for their grandeur and beauty, I would be looking forward to stare them to be able to notice all their details, to look at the statutes, the drawings, the walls, the gutters and everything that surrounds them. I have always felt different kind of feelings about this my adoration for monuments, specially for the old ones:

– Respect – for those who have been able to create, design and study their details.

– Curiosity – Sometimes I wonder how it would have been to be King!? Served and revered everyday, to have everything and much more without the need to move even a finger.

– Envy – I would like to have one of my own to do what I want, relaxing in those huge rooms and its gardens, but what would I do with all that space? I would be obliged to have someone clean it or I would live to clean it and when I would have finished I should already start again from the beginning.

– Bitterness – It makes me think about how many people must have died to build them and how many slaves have suffered working on it. 

– Hostility – Coming from an humble workers family, I have never seen the nobility in a really good way because in my mind it’s always been a symbol of power and exploitation. If I had been born on the opposite side, I would probably have totally different feelings.

And now I want to ask you something:

– What are the emotions and impressions you feel when you visit or simply looking castles?

– What did you do with your own Castle?

– Are you Nobles or Workers?

Down below you will find a large picture selection I took while ago in the center of Milan, where you can find Sforzesco Castle, built during 15th century by Francesco Sforza who became later Duke of Milan, on the ashes of a previous medieval fortification dating back to the 14th century called Porta Giovia Castle. 

In the same area where the Castello di Porta Giovia stood, in Roman times, there was the homonymous Castrum Portae Jovis, one of the four defensive castles of Roman Milan.

Transformed and modified over the centuries, Sforzesco Castle was, between the 16th and 17th centuries, one of the main European military cities; restored between 1890 and 1905, it is a cultural institution and inside it you can find a lot of museums. It’s one of the most extended European Castles and important symbols of Milan.

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  1. James Diegel

    Interesting. I don’t think I have ever been to a castle outside of Asia – at least not one that was not already reduced to rubble;) As for your question regarding thoughts and feelings – I think I’m similar going through a mix of emotions but mostly positive. In a way though because I really like to design, I always find myself ‘dreaming’ of what I would do with the space in those giant rooms. My mind also wonders what it would be like in the shoes of someone defending the castle or attacking it. Nice post Dexpartacus;)

  2. miti

    Ti dico solo una cosa: per deformazione professionale il mio viaggio di nozze è stato un viaggio di 30 giorni attraverso l’Emilia Romagna alla scoperta di tutti i castelli del ducato! Siamo tornati a casa con 40k foto e dopo aver visitato una cinquantina di castelli!

  3. sandwichbill

    I have the same conflicting feelings about castles and cathedrals, considering the peasant was living in a thatched hut at the time they were built, whilst helping to pay for their construction and maintenance. I can’t help admiring them though and I like the one in your pictures. Thanks for sharing, good idea for a post.