Crypto Coins: There are digital and non-dual digital assets produced by using Blockchain technology in a number of different ways. The most important common feature of crypto coins is the use of Blockchain teknolosi as a hemsi. As the direckt, Blockchain depends on the theme, some on a network called distributed Node. each one uses a different protocol. If you consider the most known and powerful digital presence of this work like Bitcoin. The data is very stable, consistent and consistent with others. Bitcoin is a digital entity that eliminates the result of upgrading the block density and other minor errors with the success of Segwit.

There are many speculations about the main purpose of Bitcoin. My personal opinion; I It was not designed to end banks, or to eliminate intermediary institutions. Ort There were three main objectives in designing Bitcoin. These are listed as follows.

Paper money can be copied: As you know, even though the paper money has been created with important molds and some digital tools, there is a technology that can copy one paper money in today’s technology. Therefore, you cannot prevent the reproduction of money such as dollars, euros and Turkish Lira. Economic coups are hit this way. Coins printed within the country are transported to different countries with various commercial transactions and economic problems can be experienced within the country. 3. In the countries of the world, you do not know whether this money is printed or not. This could be the case for states. For states that do not have as easy to do this organization within their own country.

Fragmentation and Full Mutual Payment: In general, credit card payments in all countries in the world out of general payments are crumbling. Europe is very cautious in fractions, but not in other countries. unfair gains can be generated by fractions. Another issue related to this is metal coins. The fact that all countries suffer from the loss of coins across the globe. Take for example the 80 million people of Turkey. Let’s assume that 52 million people traded with coins within 1 year. Let’s think that 52 Million people lose 0.5 TL in one year and 50 TL in different amounts such as 2 lira in different amounts, they drop between the seats, drop on the road and lose because of various reasons. 52 million x 10 TL when we say 520,000,000,00 TL In 1 year, the fact that we lost. This is certainly not a formal calculation, and can be quite low. This is the work of the state institutions. The figure that happens when the metal in circulation calculates the money and the non-money will be deplorable. Every penny you lost is the big blow you hit national capital.

Interpersonal Change and Communication: Bitcoin and Crypto coins, which allow you to perform a commercial relationship without the need for Bank and Intermediary Institutions, have been widely used among Hackers, which we call the Hacker. After that, the market capitalized and had a value on a global scale. 2017 and 2018 have been one of the most important turning points for Bitcoin and other Crypto Coins. A lot of things can be said except for the tools I described here. However, there are many issues that depend on it.

It is quite difficult to explain the world of finance and crypto money in short texts, to talk in open sessions, to discuss and to arrive at some consensus with experts. But where everyone knows a lot, nobody actually knows anything. Both steps taken by the Central Bank are late steps. I’m not sure if politicians are criticizing the Central Bank and its Policies and have a bad effect on the central bank reputation in the market.

Of course, everyone has his / her reasons and reasons, since in a world where interest relations return, the interests of the country will always be ahead of personal interests. If the country sinks, those who have personal interests will have to act cautiously in the sinking country.

A country that produces added value of our country continues to put forward successful works in the field of arms industry and production. Can this produce an added value right away? A serious question mark, however, in the next few years, the dependence on foreign trade in both the weapons industry and various pencil products will be completely eliminated. This can be the key to our success. The country is over burned, the news of this country is not managed with the dollar nor the Euro needs to know. Alternatives are increasing day by day. Petroleum products in Russia

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