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The Android version of EOS Knights was supposed to get released last week and yet, smartphone owners are still waiting. So what’s going on ? Are the dev sleeping ? Actually it’s quite the opposite ! Many updates have been released in the past days, and this is what I’m going to detail in this post.

Bug fix

“I’ve made up to 200+ floors several times and NEVER got a Unique Item” -NickT300, Redditor

Maybe you’re playing since the launch on Chrome, and you’ve been struggling to loot valuable items. Good news : there was a bug affecting loots, and it’s been fixed by now. The maximum rarity of what you can get at each run depends on the highest floor you could reach. But there was a miscalculation : kills from the 3 heroes would not add up properly, so the requirement to get green-tier items was… 120 floors !

Fortunately it’s back to 40 now. It doesn’t mean rare materials will drop as fast as EOS airdrops though… πŸ™‚

Anti-cheat fixes

As half of the interactions one can have with this game revolve around the marketplace, it is crucial to ensure noone can cheat. It is the whole point of building the dApp on a blockchain in the first place ! But it seems like some users managed to cheat, somehow.

  • New transactions, have been implemented to replace old ones, to include checksum data. While it don’t know how it operates, it obviously helps fighting the cheat.
  • “Abusing accounts” have been banned. We don’t have much details on this, but I like to see how reactive they were (compared to some famous MOBA where it takes months and dozens of reports before any decision is taken).
  • Since the last update, we are know prompted from time to time to resolve sort of a captcha to prove we’re human.

It is sad to see players abuse the system that fast, but the reactivity of the EOS Knights team is amazingly fast too.

Quality of life improvements

We’ve seen a few QoL improvements too, and we can’t have to much of these !


  • A “Go to Market” button has been added on materials/items you put on sale, so you can display easily the list of similar items and their price to react accordingly. Then they realized it could be nice to be able to see market prices before we set a price… so they added this feature on everything in our inventories !
  • In order to save even more clicks and make the marketplace more friendly, a rarity percentage is displayed too. It summarizes all the stat rolls of items, taking into account optional stats. I love it, now we don’t have to check individually all items (click on it then go in the “Stats Range” tab) to compare them; it also greatly increases you chances to sell good items.
  • When you log in, there is now a loading screen. It may not be the ultimate piece of art, at least it tells you what is currently loading, and it’s more convivial than nothing.


Referral bonus

They added a referral bonus, too ! It seems balanced : both the referrer and the referree get the same bonus, it’s significant but not excessive, it can’t be abused, it’s simple to do, and it can be done at any time even if you’ve started your game a long time ago. I say it can’t be abused because you can only refer someone who’s already bought at least one hero ; so it is pointless to create fake accounts since it would cost the same than what you get from the referring program.

Go in the Menu, then in Settings, then Referral Bonus, then type in the name of your best EOS Knights friend (or mine : gameshaighan) then click “Get Bonus” and here you go : 1’000 Magic Water ! The typing area seems grayed and you can’t click on it, but you don’t need to.

What about the Android version, by the way ?

The reason it has been delayed is because they’re waiting for the mobile Scatter ! Instead of forcing the use of their embedded wallet, they saw it as an opportunity to make their game more secure, and I truly appreciate this mentality.

To be honest, I’m pretty amazed overall. Within 10 days, the EOS Knights team has proven its ability to deliver, to react, and has made relevant changes on the UI, the back-end and even on blockchain transactions !

EOS Knights is supposed to be a mobile game, and at this moment it is one of the 3 biggest dApp ever, before the mobile version even exists. Just wow !

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  1. EOSmastering

    Great post!
    I don’t understand the drop rates. It doesnt seem to matter if i rebirth at floor 50 or 150. I just end up with 1 unique (yellow) and rest common. Green items happen every 3-4 days or so (real life days) and they have actually been found at floor 60-90. Luck does not seem to have any impact. It just feels completely random which floor I’m on (except sub 50..there I only seem to find commons, perhaps a yellow/unique)

    I’m on floor 150 and so far I’ve found 3 green drops.

    1. Shaighan | Post author

      Let’s say you reach floor 200, so you’ve killed 2K monsters with more or less 45% chance to loot something at every kill.
      You are basically playing the lottery 900 times with maybe a 1/10’000 chance to win a green material at each try. At then end it depends massively on (IRL) luck.
      You can just affect this in a probabilistic way, nothing is garanteed ! Ingame luck will grant you, say, 100 extra lottery tickets per rebirth.

    1. Shaighan | Post author

      Thanks ! But why would it die ? Mobile versions will bring both new players and the ability to spam the game even more ; and I’m sure additional content updates are yet to come.
      My Cookie Clicker savegame has 4+ years now, players like me won’t go away easily πŸ˜€