I have 20+ years of work experience (with superior performance in an Open, Cross-cultural, International & Challenging Environment) in variety of Industry Sectors:

 Information Technology (Europe, Central Asia & Africa)

 Telecommunications (Customers/Operators in Europe, Central Asia & Africa)

 Banking, Finance (Europe, Central Asia)

 Government, National Security & Public Sector (Europe, Central Asia & Africa)

 Energy (Europe)

 Transport & Logistics (Europe)

 Healthcare (Europe)

I have been working with ‘Information Security Strategy, Governance, Risks & Compliance Management’, ‘steering complex Internal & External Audits’, ‘‘Advisory Led Consultancy/Services Management’, ICT Business Development/Technical Sales’, ‘Project/Programme Management [Transformation]’, and ‘Solutions Development within R&D centres’.

I have an excellent, holistic view of ICT Security covering People, Processes & Technological aspects. I know how to utilize it to help businesses and governments to achieve their goals and to communicate complex technical concepts to both technical and non-technical personnel at different level of organizational hierarchy. I have led several ICT Transition & Transformation projects helping customers to modernize (embrace cloud, mobility, social media & big data) while reducing/balancing associated risks to create a more secure, open and engaging ICT environment to enhance their business productivity.

I have solid academic background (Ph.D. courses & Three Masters degrees) and globally recognized professional certifications. I won The Marcus Wallenberg Grant for Scientific Research within the fields of Executive Leadership, Finance & Business Management.


 Information Security Strategy, Governance, Risks & Compliance Management

 Internal & External Audits, Remediation Planning

 Governance of ICT Suppliers [Managed Services Delivery contracts]

 ICT Transition & Transformation

 Advisory led Consultancy, Relationship Management

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