Well, Telegram is a centralized cloud-based instant messaging and voice over IP service which actually doesn’t focus on rewarding its users; however, it became one of the most populated instant messaging apps on the Internet and as a result, has a huge demand from businesses in order to generate leads especially via the creation and promotion of groups and channels.

In consequence, businesses create their own groups and channels and then try to promote them in order to bring as many people as possible (ideally interested in their products or services) to join.

In the BlockChain world, probably the fastest and the most utilized and efficient way of doing this process is by offering airdrops and bounties. This is already one step ahead towards the users’ advantage, because now they join those groups/channels and get rewarded in the tokens provided by the respective businesses — which basically represent shares in that company; and now, simple users all around the world without any qualified background have the unique opportunity to become Businesses’ share holders just by joining a Telegram group for free.

Stop for a bit and let the last statement sync in and realize what time in history we have the blessing to witness due to the BlockChain technology phenomena and especially to the fact that we happened to be participants when this phenomena is still in the infancy stage and the possibilities are unimaginable.

With that being said, CryptoEmail supplies even 1 more step ahead for us (the users).

Now, you can go to Telegram and join all these groups and channels, receive the tokens from Businesses’ airdrops and bounties, and on top of all that — get rewarded in the same time with cMail token which is an ERC-20 token that fuels the CryptoEmail CryptoCurrency, that soon enough also should appear on the trading markets.

Access all this here and enjoy: http://cryptoemail.cc?mref=534

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