Who to vote for in the EOS Block Producer Elections?

There are now nearly 200 block producer candidates for EOS… So how does one decide who to vote for?

If you haven’t already checked out my article “How (and why) to vote for block producers” then do so now.

While looking at which block producer candidates to include on my list, I’ve considered the following factors:

  1. Community engagement and contributions
  2. Creation of software tools and resources
  3. Participation in testnets and launch preparation
  4. Plans for re-investing rewards in the community and educational resources
  5. Infrastructure and technology
  6. Team and Experience
  7. Other values such as sustainability
  8. Geographic diversity

Some of my information was taken from this report by EOSGO here: https://steemit.com/eos/@eosgo/eos-block-producer-candidate-report-10-may-30-2018 and the rest is made up of personal research.

A list of all block producer candidates can be found here: https://bp.eosgo.io/

I’ve chosen 28 of who I think are the best candidates, however given the large number of options I didn’t have time to analyze every single one. So I apologize if you’re a BP candidate and you’re not on this list (send me a message with a short bio and I might include you!)

My Top Picks:

EOS Canada (eoscanada.com) – Canada

One of the largest and strongest teams on the list. They have a combined history of tech expertise and good financial backing. They’ve been heavily involved in testing and operating testnets and in creating software tools for the launch of the mainnet. Great community involvement as well with publication of many useful articles.

EOSphere (eosphere.io) – Australia

Leading candidate from Australia. Great team. Great community involvement. Have organised numerous Meetups around the country. Financial backers of the Blockchain Centre (a community development hub) and are working with RMIT University to create EOS training resources.

EOS42 (eos42.io) – UK

Strong team. Helped develop the tool Chintai for token leasing. Responsible for running the EOS London community. Commited to reinvesting BP rewards back into the community, including the creation of a global business incubator.

EOS New York (eosnewyork.io) – US

Another strong, active team. Great community involvment with organizing Meetups in New York. Have participated in running various testnets.

EOS Authority (eosauthority.com) – UK

Great team. Have created a number of tools for the community, such as the EOS balance and registration checking tool. Have participated in a number of testnets.

EOS Nation (eosnation.io) – Canada

Very strong team, great community involvement, and have contributed to numerous EOS projects such as Chintai and EOSindex.

EOS Detroit (eosdetroit.io) – US

A strong team with good community engagement and a roadmap for furthering EOS education, training, and adoption. They are experienced in DPOS through involvement with STEEM and BITSHARES, and are currently creating a dApp to build an incentivized mesh network that will give people better access to internet at a cheaper price.

GreyMass (greymass.com) – US

Small but experienced team. Witnesses on Steem. Very active contributors to Steemit. Developed the tool https://github.com/greymass/eos-voter

EOS Americas (eosamericas.com) – North and South America

Very strong team, very diverse infrastructure (all over North and South America), and cultural diversity (supporting numerous languages).

EOS Asia (eosasia.one) – Hong Kong

An incredibly strong and well-resourced team who have already built many great resources for the EOS community (such as the EOS BP candidate portal) and will be investing in more free educational and EOS development resources.

EOS Rio (eosrio.io) – Brazil

A very strong team who have been heavily involved in testing and have already made some great resources for the EOS community, such as the simpleos wallet.

Crypto Lions (cryptolions.io) – Ukraine

Have been very active in establishing the Jungle Testnet and associated resources. Strong, experienced team.

Advanced Blockchain (eosnetwork.io) – Germany

Very strong and experienced team. Excellent community engagement with numerous Meetups around Europe. Great educational resources.

Bitspace (bitspace.no) – Norway

Very strong and experienced team. Have been heavily involved in Bitshares and Steem for a number of years. Great community engagement.

EOS Tribe (eostribe.io) – USA

Strong team that has been heavily involved in testnets as well as creating various software resources for the EOS community.

EOS Argentina (eosargentina.io) – Argentina

A very strong and experienced team with great community engagement. Heavy involvement in testnets. Producers of Spanish language training content. Have previous experience in DPOS with their involvement in Bitshares. Created the very first typescript/ JavaScript Dapp on EOS.

EOSYS (http://eosys.io) – Korea

A very strong and active team which have created tools such as eoscan and eosportal. Great community engagement and the first EOS BP candidates from Korea – one of the crypto hubs of the world.

EOS Cafe Calgary (eos.cafe) – Canada

EOS Cafe Calgary is a DAC guided by a strong team with great community engagement.

GENEREOS (genereos.io) – Australia

A strong team with plans to give a percentage of their BP rewards to charitites through a transparent smart contract system. A great way for EOS to achieve its goals of bettering the world we live in!

ONO (ono.chat) – China

ONO is going to be one of the first Dapps on the EOS network. It is a decentralized social network developed in China by a very strong engineering team and great leadership. They have the expertise and financial backing to be excellent block producers.

EOS Dublin (eosdublin.com) – Ireland

A strong team who have been heavily involved in testing. Great community engagement. Have already produced a number of useful apps for EOS such as www.parachute.zone and intend on reinvesting a lot of their rewards in community development and education.

TOKENIKA (tokenika.io) – Poland

A strong team who have already created a number of EOS resources such as the offline voting tool and EOSprojects.org. Have previous experience in DPOS as have been involved in Bitshares.

Oracle Chain (oraclechain.io) – China

Leading candidate from China. Strong community involvement and collaboration. Great infrastructure.

EOSIO.SG (eosio.sg) – Singapore

Another strong team with great community engagement and participation in tesnet testing. Creators of the voting portal http://vote.eosio.sg/

EOS Sw/eden (https://steemit.com/@eos.sweden) – Sweden

A strong and dedicated team who have been actively involved with the community and testing of the EOS software.

EOSHK – Hong Kong

A very strong technical team who have been very involved with running testnets and preparing for the mainnet launch.

EOS Africa (eosafrica.io) – South Africa

Very committed team. Good infrastructure. Have been heavily involved in running and testing the testnets. Provide geographic diversity.

EOS Cannon (eoscannon.io) – China

Heavily involved in testing. Great community involvement. Good team and solid infrastructure.

Liquid EOS by Bancor (liquideos.com) – Israel

Good team and strong company. Plenty of blockchain experience. Inventors of Bancor protocol which will power the EOS ram allocation model.

EOS Cybex (eos.cybex.io) – Japan/Singapore/Hong Kong

Strong team with a diverse range of incubators throughout Asia to support EOS developers. Strong community engagement.

EOS UK (eosuk.io) – UK

Very strong team, great infrastructure. They have been organizing Meetups in the UK and will create the EOS University if elected – a great training resource for EOS developers.

EOS Nairobi (eosnairobi.io) – Africa

Good team that provides crucial geographic and jurisdictional diversity. They also bring EOS to the African continent – where some of the benefits of decentralized currencies and applications can bring the most amount of benefit.

EOSOCAL – (eosocal.io) – US

Great team and infrastructure. Have created a number of tools for the community (see their website). Good community engagement through education and Meetups.


If you think I’ve left somebody off who should be on this list, put them in the comments below! Also, use the comments to vote for your top BP candidates (explaining why) and upvote the comment so we can all get an idea of who the favorites are 🙂

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  1. Blockgenic

    Hello Tom, judging by your Block Producer criteria, you might be interested in us. We have been very active, have participated in testnets, have organized various meetups and have been publishing EOS related articles to help EOS developers. You can visit our website, http://www.blockgenic.io, for more information about our team and our social media accounts.

  2. cideod

    Another excellent post and BP listing. Once the launch is secured, and we have a realiable and secure wallet, thats when I will seriously start my voting process. Until then its a just DYOR and see which BP’s rise to the top for the community. Cheers everyone!

  3. David

    If you don’t mind I might put together a video using some of the points you make about some of the block producers. I consider giving people more knowledge on block producers it will help them choose more wisely. I will, of course, source your article

      1. David

        Thanks that means allot here is that video I mentioned early, thanks for the inspiration. A focus on best BP’s to vote for will be a top priority for the EOS community at the moment.

        Time To Decide Which 30 EOS Block Producers To Vote For Source (Tom Norwood (Trybe) https://youtu.be/3bm0L8nWcks via @YouTube


  4. Juni

    EOSNation, EOSVibe, and EOSDAC; to name my top 3.

    On EOSDAC:
    They are only going to distribute the leftovers (if there are any left that is — after investing in servers maintenance and upgrades, and developing dapps to enhance the EOS platform, including a DAC toolkit for other developers to use), and not to EOS holders, but to EOSDAC holders. Its not necessarily 1 to 1 as not every EOSDAC holders are necessarily an EOS holder and vice versa.

    I am more against any exchanges, or Antpool/Bitmain being a blockproducer.

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