So I’m sat here in front of my laptop as the rain plays “tip-tap” against my office window panes. Dressed in my pyjamas, coffee cup in hand and looking outwards at the grey-forming skies. With the tones of Lionel Ritchie and the Commodores drifting in the background, I find myself pondering the question: really Lionel? Is it always as “Easy Like Sunday Morning“? “Easy” for you to say, you optomistic scoundrel, you never invested in EOS.

But not just that. As I don’t know about you, but am I the only one finding it hard to keep up to date with everything that’s going on – and not just in the “eos-sphere” but crypto in general? I’ve got lists for this and that and even lists of lists. In fact, I’ve got so many lists going on maybe we should invent a new collective noun for this phenomena. Just as we have the bizzare – such as a “crash” of hippos or a “tower” of giraffes – perhaps I can kick things off with two suggestions. Maybe a “headache” of or an “arms-length” of lists. Any better suggestions, as usual, are always welcomed in the comments section below.

In dealing with my “headache”, I thought it would be a good idea to post an article on who’s received which EOS based airdrop or, to put it another way “What you got, pal?”. Show me yours and I’ll show you mine as the saying goes. And in this moment of catharsis, I thought I’d kick things off with letting you know what I’ve already received and the details of two more I’m due to receive tomorrow (which, at the time of review, is Monday 8th October). Am I not a generous fellow, people?

So, like a chart-list of a rogues gallery, my A-Z list is as follows:

1. Received as erc-20 tokens on the ethereum blockchain with their current migratory status:

DRVH – (awaiting migration to EOS chain)

EON – (awaiting migration to EOS chain)

EOP – (awaiting migration to EOS chain)

EOSC – (umm, not sure where this bad boy is or even wants to be, to be honest)

EosDAC – (migrated to EOS chain)

EOT – (awaiting migration to EOS chain)

HEALP (HEAL) – (awaiting migration to EOS chain + HEALP is not really a true token)

KEOS – (currently in migration and all the nonsense that’s gone on with that)

Meet.ONE – (currently in migration and all the nonsense that’s gone on with that)

2. Airdrops, airgrabs and claimdrops received on EOS blockchain with notes, if any:









ECASH – (received from HORUS staking)


EosDAC – (migrated from erc-20 status)




IQ –






RIDL – (although seems to have disappeared as a grab-able token from their page)


TRYBE – (our favourite token)





3. Airdrops, airgrabs/claimdrops due to be dropped on EOS blockchain tomorrow (8th October):



So there we have it children. For an insight into the nature of these drops and whether you had to do something to get them (or still can), you can refer to my earlier article (if you haven’t done so already) here: and also my blog here: as I give insights into certain of these drops (for example EOS Lite and their LITE token).

Hope this helps and maybe you too can share your own experiences so we can learn from each other. After all, a “headache” shared is a “headache” halved, is it not?

Happy hunting 🙂

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  1. CryptosDecrypted

    Great stuff, David. Bookmarked for frequent reference. I couldn’t agree more with you David, I have lists of lists even though I dedicate 4-6 hrs to crypto every day. Token swaps, wallet updates, new dApps, project proposals, wading through shoddy shill articles poorly masquerading as ‘journalism’. Course I love it, as I’m sure you do.